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A Funeral Mass

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If Dori Myers Had Been A Man She Would Be Rotting in Jail

But since she’s a woman her molestation of a teen boy is ok. The American justice system is a farce of injustice and inequality.

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Father refuses to call 911 as 8-year-old son dies of meth overdose

This world is evil. Police say an Indiana man did not get help for his young son after the boy accidentally ingested crystal meth. Detectives said the eight-year-old ate his father’s meth, thinking it was cereal. Officials say the amount … Continue reading

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Another Book I Won’t Be Reading

When an author has his name bigger than ‘God’ on the cover of his book, you know exactly what he is all about.

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Quote of the Day

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‘The god of the Gaps’

It’s always seemed very odd to me that people give thanks to God only after some terrible illness is reversed but not all the other days they don’t have any terrible illness that needs reversal… God is truly only a … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times

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A Word of Advice to Pastors

My old pastor said, when I announced my call to ministry: ‘Have as many friends as you like, outside your congregation. Never make friends with congregants. Why? Because all friends have fights but when you’re a pastor and it’s a … Continue reading

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A Series of Old Testament Study Guides You May Not Have Heard Of, But Should

Bloomsbury is publishing a series of what they describe as ‘study guides’ for the Old Testament, but don’t make the mistake of thinking these are mere ‘Cliff Notes’.  Quite the contrary.  I reviewed a couple of these volumes in the … Continue reading

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