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More Pentebabbleist Nutbaggery

Oh you crazy pentebabblers

Class Struggle in the New Testament

Potentially this could quite possibly be interesting.

Robert Myles' Blog

Quite excited by this news. The final manuscript of a book I’ve edited called Class Struggle in the New Testament is complete and is now off to the publisher (Lexington Books/Fortress Academic). I reproduce below the blurb and Table of Contents. Watch this space for updates in the coming months.

Class Struggle in the New Testament engages the political and economic realities of the first century to unmask the mediation of class through several New Testament texts and traditions. Essays span a range of subfields, presenting class and class struggle as “the motor force of history” by responding to recent debates, historical data, and new evidence on the political-economic world of Jesus, Paul, and the Gospels. Chapters address collective struggles in the Gospels, the Roman military and class, the usefulness of categories like “peasant,” “retainer,” and “middling groups” for understanding the world of Jesus, the class basis behind the origin…

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More Archaeological Speculation: Hoorah!

Archaeologists May Have Discovered a Church Built on the Site of Constantine the Great’s Conversion to Christianity.

‘May’ is now the most used word in archaeology thanks to the BAR-ification of the discipline.

During work along the right bank of the Tiber this summer, the archaeological group Cooperativa Archeologia uncovered what was first thought to be a villa, but later considered to be a church.

Oh boy! I’m atingle with excitement!!! Maybe they found the Holy Grail too!!!…

*Insert optic nerve snapping eyeroll here’.

I pine for the days when people cared more about scholarship than they did about fame questing in the media publicity speculations.

Maybe those days will return once BAR-ification has run its course.

Signs of the Times

Via Christian History Magazine

Neither- They Would Kill Him

And Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell Jr, Robert Jeffress, and Eric Metaxas would be the ones with the hammer and nails.

Congratulations to Michael Langlois

He has just been named Lauréat du partenariat Hubert Curien franco-israélien Maïmonide.

Le projet de recherche que j’ai développé en partenariat avec Esther Eshel a été sélectionné par le programme Hubert Curien franco-israélien Maïmonide !

Ce financement de deux ans nous permettra de collaborer plus étroitement à l’étude de textes alphabétiques du premier millénaire avant Jésus-Christ dans la région du Levant, à l’instar d’inscriptions et de manuscrits hébreux et araméens.

Ce financement va également me permettre de poursuivre le développement des outils informatiques que j’ai mis au point, notamment l’imagerie multi-spectrale et les bases de données.

Je me réjouis de collaborer avec Esther Eshel et son équipe ! 🙂

Very happy for him and very proud of him.

When St Jerome Writes a Book Review…

St Jerome reviews RHE’s latest book-

The style is so barbarous, and the language so vile and such a heap of blunders, that I could neither understand what [s]he was talking about, nor by what arguments [s]he was trying to prove his points. At one moment [s]he is all bombast, at another [s]he grovels: from time to time [s]he lifts himself up, and then like a wounded snake finds [her] his own effort too much for [her] him. Not satisfied with the language of men, [s]he attempts something loftier. – St Jerome

I love you Jerome.  You’re my bff!


Signs of the Times

Signs of the Times

Look, now Churches are offering hair washing services to get folk in…

Not only is it odd that they wash hair, but that they dress so formally to do it and add in an audience to boot…   Weird.

The Next Time Someone Boasts that the US Has the Best Healthcare in the World…

Remind them of this:

Every year in the U.S., more than 50,000 mothers are severely injured during or after childbirth and 700 die. This means that America is the “most dangerous place to give birth in the developed world,” according to a USA Today investigation. They found that women are dying and suffering life-altering injuries during childbirth because hospitals aren’t following well-established safety measures. For the full story, click here.

We pay the highest prices for health care and get the worst outcomes possible.

Where Did Barth Come From? Leonard Ragaz, of Course

And who was Ragaz?  This neat essay tells you (with thanks to Christoph Chalamet for the heads up).  To really understand Barth, you have to understand the person who influenced his theological ideas the most.

How is the Revised ‘Dictionary of Classical Hebrew’ Different?

David J.A. Clines has answered that question with a powerpoint.

Preliminary Details for the IOSCS 50th Anniversary Celebration

Fun times-

Septuaginta &c.

There are a number of “centers” of Septuagint scholarship around the world. In fact, you can find fascinating reports on scholarly activity in various countries in the recently published volume 50 of the Journal for Septuagint and Cognate Studies (see ToC here). But the hub of all this activity is undeniably the IOSCS.

I have written about the IOSCS before and won’t review details here, except to say that if you’re interested in knowing how the IOSCS came about in the first place, you can read the original letter penned by Sydney Jellicoe right here.

If you are interested in Septuagint studies you should definitely become a member and read the journal.

In any case, the society is on the verge of crossing a significant milestone when it reaches its 50th anniversary later this year. Since the first official meeting of the IOSCS occurred at the national meeting of…

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