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Christianity and Politics

The very moment that your politics eclipses your Christianity is the moment that you are no longer a Christian.

The Most Speculative Archaeological Speculation of the Decade

If there were awards for archaeological speculation, this would be the hands down winner.

These days if you want to be in the news just say something, anything really, is from the time of Jesus or some random guy named even once in the Bible.

A 300-kilogram (661-pound) basalt block with three smooth compartments carved into its top, found in the ruins of what may be Bethsaida, may have been a reliquary housing the remains of apostles Philip, Andrew and Peter, a leading Israeli archaeologist proposes.

May, may…. No wonder the common folk believe nonsense- scholars peddle it. Hence the BAR-ification of archaeology is complete.

Signs of the Times

Will the real Rudy please stand up…

2018 Doctorate at George Fox University, USA, examines Satanic Influences in the American Christian Church

Great piece. And, as an aside, I love the new layout of the blog.

Remnant of Giants

The following dissertation earned a student from American “Christian College” George Fox ‘University’ a doctorate in February 2018:


Jerry F. Ressa

ABSTRACT This study seeks to propose evidences as to how and why the contemporary Christian church is satanically influenced, resulting in pain and suffering from devastating personal dysfunctions, interpersonal conflicts and divisions. This situation presents a great dilemma facing many, if not most, Christians in that they simply do not understand and are unaware of profound life altering significances of the spiritual battle being waged for souls and the satanic deceptions that draw people away from God. Satan, his fallen angels, and demons influence Christians and others through his primary tools of deceit and deception, delivered to the culture through media, radio, newspaper, television, blogs, Internet and social media, diabolically present the thesis of post-modernity, which…

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Following Up On the Story of the Ball Guy at the Cubs Game

Scott Simon had a very interesting, and I confess humbling, story on this morning about the guy in the video who appears to be taking a ball from a kid and giving it to his wife.

He’s right- we should all be more careful in retweeting and repeating stories that may only be half true.  In the age of ‘fake news’ and Russian bots and racist websites it’s too easy to fall into the outrage trap.

I stand (sit actually because I’m sitting down) corrected on the story.  And gladly admit it.

Quote of the Day

Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, whoever mixes with fools will be ruined. (Prov. 13:20)

Is There A God?

Emil Brunner answers

To ask the question, then, “Is there a God” is to fail to be morally serious. For when one is morally serious he knows that good is not evil, that right and wrong are two different things, that one should seek the right and eschew the wrong. There is a divine order to which one must bow whether one likes to do so or not.

This Made Me Laugh Out Loud, Literally

So funny because there are folk who ‘sign’ emails with great swaths of quotes:

In a step of great faith and piety, local Christian Dylan Moore announced Friday morning that his email signature has been changed from a short quote taken from 1 Corinthians to the entire Book of Isaiah.

“I just want to be sure that anyone I send digital correspondence to knows that I’m not just a regular Christian—I’m a hardcore follower of Christ,” Moore told reporters. “Whether I’m emailing my insurance agent, my work associates, or a random dude selling video games on Craigslist, they’ll know the extreme nature of my faith.”

While Moore revealed that he rarely mentions Christ directly when emailing his friends, family, or acquaintances, he noted that readers scrolling to the bottom of his otherwise secular and mundane messages were immediately blasted with the scathing words of the prophet Isaiah, in their entirety.

The disciple of Christ reports winning zero converts so far with his innovative approach to evangelism, adding that many of his emails have bounced due to the size of his digital missives. Still, Moore states he’s confident that in time, the email sign-off containing all sixty-six chapters of Isaiah will bear much fruit.

“‘They will know us by our email signatures,’ I always say.”

Signs of the Times…

That awkward moment when men in tights dance in Church….

PCUSA…  Calvin would Servetus-ize you.

#ICYMI – The Bee Stings the Ridiculous Interpretations of Revelation

In a groundbreaking discovery sure to change the future of eschatological studies, scholars revealed Monday that the autograph of the book of Revelation originally included a detailed end times and rapture chart to help readers make sense of the apocalyptic literature.

Archaeologists working on the island of Patmos recently uncovered the original autograph of the book and found the intricate chart detailing the church age, pre-tribulation rapture of the church, seven-year period of turmoil, and subsequent millennial reign of Christ. The chart also featured detailed descriptions of each of the twenty-one dispensations of history, scholars confirmed.

“This is an exciting discovery,” lead archaeologist Dr. Wendell Holmes told reporters. “End-times charts have become a popular past-time of the church over the past century, and now we know there is solid biblical warrant for their existence.”

Holmes further stated that the find confirmed that the futurist, premillennial framework for interpreting the book of Revelation is the correct one, much to the delight of modern end times prophecy experts like John Hagee, David Jeremiah, and Hal Lindsey.

At publishing time, scholars had also confirmed the discovery of the Apostle John’s rudimentary, parchment-based prophecy blog, on which he posted constant prophecy updates predicting the Lord Jesus would return by 1988.

It’s funny because there are people who really think like that.