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The Wolf ‘Missionary’ in Sheep’s Clothing

He’s a child rapist who molested boys as young as 5 years old while pretending to be a missionary in Haiti.

The Justice Department announced that James Daniel Arbaugh, 40, of Stuarts Draft pleaded guilty to one count of traveling in foreign commerce from the United States to Haiti in or about 2016 to engage in illicit sexual conduct with a person under the age of 18 in February.

“James Arbaugh was a wolf in sheep’s clothing: he posed as a selfless missionary when in reality he was exploiting his position to prey on and sexually abuse vulnerable children in one of the most impoverished areas of the world,” said Assistant Attorney General Brian Benczkowski.

Quote of the Day

Whoever has been cut to the quick and overwhelmed with a sense of their own sin will surely seek the grace offered to him in Jesus Christ, and the world will be worth nothing to him. – John Calvin


And this must end. Today.

Immigrant Youth Shelters: “If You’re a Predator, It’s a Gold Mine” We obtained police reports and call logs from more than two-thirds of the shelters housing immigrant children. Here’s what they show.

Any government that tolerates this must be ended by citizens.

Eternal Hope

I think we could all do with a nice dose of Emil Brunner right about now.  And his little book Eternal Hope is just the thing.  And you can read it free.  Enjoy.

Bucer, Luther, Zwingli, and Translation Bias: Or, Be Careful Who Does Your Translation For You

bucerThe situation between Bucer and Wittenberg was further exacerbated by Bucer’s translation of Luther’s Church Postil. Before the theological differences between Bucer and Wittenberg had become manifest, Luther himself had requested, through the Strassburg publisher Johann Herwagen, that Bucer should undertake the translation of Luther’s Postil into Latin, especially for the use of Evangelicals in France and Italy.

Bucer’s translation was issued from Herwagen’s press in six volumes from 1525–27. Luther was well pleased with the first three volumes of the translation. Bucer’s translation of the fourth volume, however, which appeared on July 27, 1526, provoked a new crisis.

luther4At this point in the work, having become inclined to Zwingli’s views on the Lord’s Supper, Bucer had hesitated about how to continue. He felt obligated to the publisher, Herwagen, to complete the translation, and in general he found Luther’s teaching excellent, but he did not want to spread Luther’s views on the Lord’s Supper to the churches of France and Italy.

Despite another warning from Zwingli, and even though he knew the Wittenbergers were already angry about his interpolations in Bugenhagen’s work, Bucer proceeded to make his own additions to Luther’s text, offering his own opinions on the Supper, though this time clearly distinguished from Luther’s view. Bucer’s insertions took three forms: a preface “to the brethren in Italy”; notes on some of Luther’s statements in the postil sermons; and a letter to the reader giving an exegesis of 1 Cor. 9:24–10:5 (in opposition to Luther’s sermon on the Epistle for Septuagesima Sunday).

zwingli_opitzThe preface was especially irritating to Luther. On one hand, Bucer spoke of Luther as a great man, and on the other hand, he tried to discredit Luther as fallible and to spread his own views on the Lord’s Supper instead.*

It’s always best to get a sympathetic translator.  Otherwise…

*Open Letter to Johann Herwagen and Preface to the Fourth Volume of Martin Bucer’s Latin Translation of the Church Postil (LW Vol. 59, pp. 164–165).

STOP Decontextualizing Scripture Just to Make Yourself ‘Feel Better’…

The Good Old Days…

When the herd weren’t allowed to distort the Scriptures-

Quote of the Day

The questions that worry the layman are both more interesting and more difficult than those which are the favored subjects of discussion by theologians. — Emil Brunner

This Is Why Brunner Deserves More Attention Than He Gets

He’s brilliant.