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Ill-gotten wealth will vanish like a torrent, like the single thunder-clap that heralds rain. When he opens his hand, he rejoices, by the same token, sinners come to ruin. The sprigs of the godless will not make many branches, tainted roots find … Continue reading

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King James Was A Jerk

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Our Narcissistic Times

This is an item on the Amazon website… iPad Mount Clear Shower Curtain Liner Tablet or Phone Holder Waterproof 8 Gauge EVA 72×72 Bathroom. For the narcissist who can never have too many selfies taken in inappropriate locations. You peeps … Continue reading

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Reformed Protestantism in the 20th Century

Book tip– Eine Geschichte des reformierten Protestantismus in Deutschland im 20. Jahrhunderts ist bisher nicht erschienen. Sie ist ein dringendes Desiderat, da die Reformierten in der Erforschung der neueren Kirchengeschichte wenig Beachtung finden, obwohl sie immer wieder besondere Facetten und … Continue reading

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That 23 and Me Test You Took? Yeah, The Data is Being Used By Big Pharma

So, congrats, not only did you pay for your DNA test but the testing company will also reap huge profits from selling your data to big pharma.  You were duped.  You were monetized.  And you get zero benefit. I wonder … Continue reading

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The Return of the Dilly the Dilettante of the Week Award

It’s been a while since I’ve awarded a Dilly to anyone (sorry about that).  But thanks to Deane Galbraith, I proffer this as a worthy recipient: The author of this dissertation received a doctorate at an American university in February … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times

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