Quote of the Year

Richard Muller to me my first year at Calvin: Don’t *ever* trust translations.

Until I started looking over Allport’s translation of Davenant, I thought Muller’s rule was overly pessimistic. It isn’t. He’s right. – Michael Lynch

Quote of the Week

“Being pro-life should also mean protecting children from sexual predators, abuse, & assault and not using access to vulnerable populations as a safe-haven for molesting the souls of children & students; and then conspiring to cover it up to protect the institution.” — Anthony Bradley

Luther: On the Hypocrites

A scorpion thinks when his head lies hid under a leaf, that he cannot be seen; even so the hypocrites and false saints think, when they have hoisted up one or two good works, that all their sins therewith are covered and hid. — Martin Luther

The Birthday of the Office of the Holy Inquisition

It’s a big day in Papist history!

The Roman Inquisition was established by the bull Licet ab initio, July 21, 1542, under the direction of six cardinals. with plenary power to arrest and imprison persons suspected of heresy, and to confiscate their property. The famous General of the Capuchins was to be the first victim of the “Holy Office.”  (Schaff)

The good old days…