In Spite of The Rumors, Luther Didn’t Father any Illegitimate Children

Some of the critics of Martin and Katie Luther’s marriage were determined to find fault with them, even if it meant drastically twisting facts to fit their narrative. One of the charges against Martin and Katie was that they had been living in sin before their marriage and Katie was pregnant when they got married. To prove their point, they referred to a child named Andreas who was born on July 11, 1525. There was indeed an Andreas born in the Luther family on that date, but the child in question was actually Andreas Kaufmann, the son of Martin’s sister. Andreas and his siblings later came to live with Martin and Katie after both of their parents died. Martin and Katie then became, in effect their foster parents. Martin and Katie’s first son, Hans, was born almost exactly a year after their wedding.

The picture is a propaganda piece, drawn to imply that Andreas was a Luther and not a Kaufmann and is from about 1750.

Rebecca DeGarmeaux

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