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Just Stop It

Newport pastor arrested for raping teenage girl

People can poo poo the ‘Graham Rule’ all they want but I’m telling you, it protects the innocent from false accusations and it protects potential victims from potential predators. I don’t know who this guy is but if he had simply refrained from being alone with folk (and these days you might as well say people and not just girls…) he could have avoided guilt and his poor victim the horror of being a victim.

The pastor of a Newport church is in jail on statutory rape and sexual battery charges after police allege he raped a teenage girl in the church.

Deputies were called to a home in Newport on Saturday night after the girl told family members she had been raped by her church pastor, James “Ronnie” Messer. The girl told police she rode with Messer to the Crossway Worship Center in Newport. She said the two entered the church and went into a room, where Messer began flirting with her and asked her several times to take off her clothes, which she initially refused to do. The girl said she felt scared and, at Messer’s direction, took off her clothes and laid on the floor, where Messer had sex with her.

The girl then told police that she and Messer went to the Hartford area to swim, but the water was too muddy and swift, so Messer took her to an undisclosed location. A detective interviewed Messer, who admitted having sex with the girl, but said the sex was consensual.  Warrants were taken out on Messer and he was taken into custody and transferred to the Cocke County Jail. Messer faces charges of statutory rape, forcible rape and aggravated sexual battery by an authority figure.

THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS CONSENSUAL SEX with a child.  Disgusting.   And by the way, if you run across the name ‘James Ronnie Messer’ some day and he’s applied to be your Pastor, take a pass. Not only is he a child molester, he’s disgusting.

Another Truth About the Church

The Church, so far as she takes outward form, also includes hypocrites and dead members, who do not belong to the community of the covenant of grace — Heinrich Heppe

The Truth about the Church

This one, holy and universal Church has an imperishable continuance. Her existence rests, not on any chance but on God’s counsel and on the activity of the Holy Spirit. Therefore although particular parts of the visible Church may disappear, a congregation of elect and called will always be preserved on earth.  — Heinrich Heppe,

If You Can Go, Go!

A Simple Way to Choose A Candidate

Choosing who to vote for is simple. Just ask yourself if you would let the candidate babysit for you. If you say no, then you’re a fool to let that person oversee the country. If you can’t trust them with what matters to you, why would you vote for them?

‘Follow Me’ Doesn’t Mean ‘You Just Do You’

Every Christian who urges other disciples of the crucified and risen Lord to ‘be themselves’ radically misunderstands and mistakenly ignores Jesus’s own demand that we deny ourselves and take up our cross and die to self. Only those who do are disciples.

In Spite of The Rumors, Luther Didn’t Father any Illegitimate Children

Some of the critics of Martin and Katie Luther’s marriage were determined to find fault with them, even if it meant drastically twisting facts to fit their narrative. One of the charges against Martin and Katie was that they had been living in sin before their marriage and Katie was pregnant when they got married. To prove their point, they referred to a child named Andreas who was born on July 11, 1525. There was indeed an Andreas born in the Luther family on that date, but the child in question was actually Andreas Kaufmann, the son of Martin’s sister. Andreas and his siblings later came to live with Martin and Katie after both of their parents died. Martin and Katie then became, in effect their foster parents. Martin and Katie’s first son, Hans, was born almost exactly a year after their wedding.

The picture is a propaganda piece, drawn to imply that Andreas was a Luther and not a Kaufmann and is from about 1750.

Rebecca DeGarmeaux

Signs of the Times