Prayer for the Day

‘May his life be cut short, someone else take over his office, his children be orphaned, his wife be widowed. ‘May his children wander perpetually, beggars, driven from the ruins of their house, a creditor seize all his goods, and strangers make off with his earnings. ‘May there be none left faithful enough to show him love, no one take pity on his orphans, the line of his descendants cut off, his name wiped out in one generation. ‘May Yahweh never forget the crimes of his ancestors, and his mother’s sins not be wiped out; may Yahweh keep these constantly in mind, to cut off the remembrance of them from the earth.’

He had no thought of being loyal, but hounded the poor and the needy and the broken-hearted to their death. He had a taste for cursing; let it recoil on him! No taste for blessing; let it never come his way! Cursing has been the uniform he wore; let it soak into him like water, like oil right into his bones. Let it be as a robe which envelops him completely, a sash which he always wears.  (Ps. 109:8-19)