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If You Can’t Control Yourself Around Other People, You Don’t Belong in Ministry

Period.  Full stop.  No excuses.

Motivational Quotes

Depart from me into the eternal fire whose flame is never put out, which is tended by the devil and his angels, so that you will thus be in the company of the devil and his evil angels” (Johann Gerhard, ca. 1622. Via Ralph *The Encourager* Keen

Lectionary Sermon Prep Resources

Christian Brady has the info.

Windows 10 is a Nightmare

It constantly updates automatically and there’s no way to turn auto updates off. It has been updating now for over 3 hours and is still not past 17% finished.This means that the laptop is completely unusable during update installations.Windows 10 is a nightmare. It is a plague. Avoid any machine cursed with it.

Rudolf Bultmann’s Advice to all Biblical Scholars

b1In today’s parlance- if you don’t understand it, don’t talk about it.  And if you don’t have first hand familiarity with it, leave it to those who do to explain.

Naming The Names of those Who Teach Falsely

zwingliIn his Commentary on True and False Religion Zwingli, who normally didn’t mention those against whom he wrote, made an exception- remarking

Emser and Eck … are pests to the teachings of Christ. Their own wanton recklessness has forced me to write pretty sharply against them and by name. For the former without any warning so arrogantly attacked me unawares that I should have been a renegade to Christ’s teachings (for it is His work, not mine, in which I am engaged), if I had retired before a man singing his song of victory before he had come into my sight. For he wrote against me in such a way (and published the book) that he tricked me into waiting for six months to see if he were going to send me a copy.

The other laid a snare for my destruction, and sending most absurd and lying slanders to the assembly of the Swiss tried to get the start of me, so that, if his scheme succeeded, I might seem to have been rightly slain, and that he might sell himself for a high price to the Romans and the tyrants of Germany. When I disclosed his crime (and it could not be denied), good gods, how he raved!

Paul too had reason to name names from time to time.  Sometimes naming names is the only way to protect the sheep from the wolves (because sometimes the sheep aren’t very observant and if they aren’t spoken to directly don’t take hints too well).

The general rule is- if the Flock is in danger, yell out the name of the wolf who is attacking.