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Franklin Graham- Arch Heretic And Super Hypocrite

Liberty U Students Have More Sense Than Falwell

And this story proves it.

Mapping Palestine

Bible and Interpretation has posted Philip’s contribution to our Whitelam Festschrift.  Give it a read (and get a copy of the Festschrift).

The Plantin Polyglot

Watch the video here.  Christie’s is auctioning it off.  Someone buy it and send it to me as a birthday gift.  Thanks in advance.  And thanks to Brandon *The Bearded* Wason for the heads up.

‘Don’t Blame the Jews for the Black Death’ Urges the Pope

Not the current Pope.  The 14th century one!

On this day in history:  Pope Clement VI issued the first of two papal bulls urging Christians not to blame the Jews for the plague epidemic sweeping across Europe. By 1348 the devastating and apocalyptic nature of the Black Death had resulted in suspicion of the Jews within Christian communities. Rumours of Jews poisoning communal wells began to circulate and the persecution of Jewish people greatly increased. The pope condemned the violence and said those who blamed the Jews had been tricked by the Devil. However, the pope’s statements had only limited success and the Jewish community continued to be one of the most persecuted during the years of the plague.


What’s the Best Translation of the Bible?


When people ask me that question I answer ‘In English, it’s the Revised English Bible (second to none). But in German, hands down, it’s the Zurich Bible. It’s superb.

Im Übrigen, liebe Brüder und Schwestern, bitten und ermuntern wir euch im Herrn Jesus, dass ihr so, wie ihr von uns unterwiesen worden seid, euer Leben zu führen und Gott zu gefallen – das tut ihr ja auch -, dass ihr auf diesem Weg immer noch weiter geht. 2 Ihr wisst ja, welche Weisungen wir euch im Auftrag des Herrn Jesus gegeben haben. 3 Das nämlich ist der Wille Gottes, eure Heiligung: dass ihr euch fernhaltet von der Unzucht, 4 dass jeder von euch in Heiligung und Würde mit seinem Gefäss, dem Leib, umzugehen wisse 5 – nicht in begehrlicher Leidenschaft wie die Heiden, die Gott nicht kennen – 6 und dass keiner sich hinwegsetze über seinen Bruder und ihn bei Geschäften übervorteile; denn über dies alles hat der Herr seine Strafe verhängt, wie wir euch schon früher gesagt und bezeugt haben. 7 Denn Gott hat uns nicht zur Unlauterkeit berufen, sondern zu einem Leben in Heiligung. 8 Darum: Wer solches missachtet, der missachtet nicht einen Menschen, sondern Gott, der doch seinen heiligen Geist in euch hineinlegt. 9 Über die Liebe unter Brüdern und Schwestern aber brauche ich euch nicht zu schreiben, seid ihr doch selbst von Gott gelehrt, einander zu lieben. 10 Und ihr tut es ja auch allen gegenüber, die zur Gemeinde gehören, in ganz Makedonien. Wir reden euch aber zu, liebe Brüder und Schwestern, darin noch verschwenderischer zu werden 11 und euer ganzes Streben darauf auszurichten, in Ruhe und Frieden zu leben, das Eure zu tun und mit den eigenen Händen zu arbeiten, wie wir es euch geboten haben. 12 Ihr sollt euch vorbildlich verhalten gegenüber denen, die nicht zur Gemeinde gehören, und auf niemanden angewiesen sein. (1 Thessalonians 4:1-12 ZUR)

The Ashes of Hus

NZZ has a great essay on Hus today- and it includes this fun-


The Letters of Jan Hus

Hus Burning

Hus Burning

Read them, online, in English, for free, here.  And among them is this gem- Hus’s final declaration- written 1 July.  5 days before his death.

I, John Hus, in hope a priest of Jesus Christ, fearing to offend God, and fearing to fall into perjury, do hereby profess my unwillingness to abjure all or any of the articles produced against me by false witnesses. For God is my witness that I neither preached, affirmed, nor defended them, though they say that I did. Moreover, concerning the articles that they have extracted from my books, I say that I detest any false interpretation which any of them bears.

But inasmuch as I fear to offend against the truth, or to gainsay the opinion of the doctors of the Church, I cannot abjure any one of them. And if it were possible that my voice could now reach the whole world, as at the Day of Judgment every lie and every sin that I have committed will be made manifest, then would I gladly abjure before all the world every falsehood and error which I either had thought of saying or actually said. I say I write this of my own free will and choice.

Written with my own hand, on the first day of July.

Get the PDF of the collection of letters here if you are so inclined.

The Burning of Jan Hus

1415: On July 6, Jan Hus is condemned as a heretic and then burned at the stake.

husAfter John Wycliffe, Jan (John) Hus is considered the first Church reformer, as he lived before Luther, Calvin and Zwingli. Hus was a key predecessor to Protestantism, and his teachings had a strong influence on the states of Western Europe, most immediately in the approval of a reformist Bohemian religious denomination, and, more than a century later, on Martin Luther himself. On July 6, 1415, John Hus (whose name means “goose” in his native Czech) made his way to the place of execution. Some of his last words were: You are going to burn a goose but in a century you will have a swan which you can neither roast nor boil.

This “Swan” of this statement has popularly been interpreted to be Martin Luther, not to mention, even by Luther himself:

However, I, Dr. Martinus, have been called to this work and was compelled to become a doctor, without any initiative of my own, but out of pure obedience. Then I had to accept the office of doctor and swear a vow to my most beloved Holy Scriptures that I would preach and teach them faithfully and purely. While engaged in this kind of teaching, the papacy crossed my path and wanted to hinder me in it. How it has fared is obvious to all, and it will fare still worse. It shall not hinder me. In God’s name and call I shall walk on the lion and the adder, and tread on the young lion and dragon with my feet. And this which has been begun during my lifetime will be completed after my death. St. John Huss prophesied of me when he wrote from his prison in Bohemia, “They will roast a goose now (for ‘Huss’ means ‘a goose’), but after a hundred years they will hear a swan sing, and him they will endure.” And that is the way it will be, if God wills. [LW 34:103]

Via our Saxon friends on FB.

Quote of the Day

“Office reveals the man.” – Luther