Rick Wiles is a Liar

Rick Wiles: Democrats Will Start Killing Republicans To Prevent Them From Voting In 2020.


“The Democrats are now stalking members of the Trump administration,” Wiles said. “My friends, I’m telling you there is a day coming, perhaps this year, they’re going to shoot members of the Cabinet, they’re going to shoot members of the House and Senate.” “The Democrats have lost their minds, they’ve gone insane,” he added. “We have to put bodyguards around our elected officials to protect them from Democrats? At what point do you charge the Democratic Party with being a terrorist organization?” “They’re willing to do anything and killing is the next thing that they’ll do,” Wiles warned, predicting that just as “the Democrats started the first Civil War to protect slavery, the Democrats will start the second Civil War to protect abortion.”

Liar. Rick Wiles is a liar.  The truth is, the Trumpians will do anything to clutch power.  Lying is just a tiny part of it.  And Rick Wiles is a totally depraved liar.