If Your Church Has Mid Week Bible Study / Prayer Meeting…

And you canceled today, then by rights you should go ahead and cancel your Sunday Morning and Evening services too whenever they fall on a holiday, because God is less important to you than civic celebrations.

Spin it any way you wish- the fact remains, civic celebrations take precedence over worship, fellowship, and formation in faith at your Church.

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Let That Sink In…

When you stretch out your hands,
I will hide my eyes from you;
even though you make many prayers,
I will not listen;
your hands are full of blood.  (Is 1:15)

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‘If You Aspire to Be A Servant of the Lord’

My son, if you aspire to be the servant of the Lord,
prepare yourself for testing.
Set a straight course and keep to it,
and do not be dismayed in the face of adversity.
Cling to him and do not depart,
so that your life may end in prosperity.
Bear every hardship that befalls you,
and in times of humiliation be patient.
For gold is tested in the fire,
and the chosen ones, in the furnace of humiliation.
Trust him, and he will help you;
make your ways straight, and fix your hope on him.  (Sir 2:1-6)

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Immer diese Zwinglis!

Die drei Zwingli-Kinder Regula, Wilhelm und der kleine Ueli sind sieben Jahre nach dem Tod ihres berühmten Vaters in Zürich unterwegs und begegnen Menschen, die direkt oder indirekt von Zwinglis Taten betroffen waren. Dabei entdecken die Kinder Licht- und Schattenseiten ihres Vaters und der Zürcher Reformation.

Ausgehend von dieser Rahmenhandlung haben die Autorin Dorothea Meyer-Liedholz und die Illustratorin Kati Rickenbach einen unterhaltsamen und zugleich informativen Animationsfilm geschaffen (www.immer­diesezwinglis.ch).

Die dazugehörige Arbeitshilfe gibt vielfältige Anregungen, wie der Film im schulischen und kirchlichen Unterricht, im Gottesdienst und in der Erwachsenenbildung eingesetzt werden kann. Die zielgruppenspezifischen Bausteine behandeln zentrale Themen der Zürcher Reformation wie zum Beispiel den Umgang mit Freiheit, die Bedeutung der Bibel, aber auch die heikle Auseinandersetzung mit Andersdenkenden. Ausserdem vermittelt die Arbeitshilfe den Unterrichtenden Hintergrundwissen zu Zwingli und seiner Familie und gibt Tipps für einen Stadtrundgang durch Zürich auf den Spuren des Reformators.

The TVZ saints have sent a review copy of this book and dvd.

First, the film:  it is a well crafted animated story following the lives of three of Zwingli’s children in the years after his death as they attend school and live life.  Told with humor (Bullinger’s sermon is too long and the kids make a fuss and are removed for it) and wit, the film accurately addresses various questions raised by the life and teaching of Zwingli.

The film is available online and is very much worth the few minutes it will take to watch it:

Along with the film, the dvd also contains a number of PDF’s which can be printed and distributed to students in schools and churches. It also contains other materials which are very useful for instruction.

The companion volume is aimed at providing lesson plans and class outlines which cover the life of Zwingli, fasting, the conflict with the Catholic Church and the anabaptists, Zwingli and the Bible, and others.

The lesson plans are extremely thorough, providing all the information needed in order to conduct lessons that are in depth grounding in the history of the early Reformation in Zurich. Each lesson has an outline, and a selection of PDF’s downloadable from the DVD which go with that lesson.

The companion volume too is beautifully illustrated, and those illustrations include a two page city map of Zwingli’s Zurich.

Anyone teaching the Reformation will find this book and DVD indispensable and will wish that other topics were treated so well and beautifully.