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A Companion to Joachim of Fiore

Joachim of Fiore (c.1135-1202) remains one of the most fascinating and enigmatic figures of medieval Christianity. In his own time, he was an influential advisor to the mighty and powerful, widely respected for his prophetic exegesis and decoding of the apocalypse. In modern times, many thinkers, from Thomas Müntzer to Friedrich Engels, have hailed him as a prophet of progress and revolution. Even present-day theologians, philosophers and novelists were inspired by Joachim’s vision of a Third Age of the Holy Spirit.

However, at no time was Joachim an uncontroversial figure. Soon after his death, the church authorities became suspicious about the explosive potential of his theology, while more recently historians held him accountable for the fateful progressivism of Western Civilization.

Contributors are: Frances Andrews, Valeria De Fraja, Alfredo Gatto, Peter Gemeinhardt, Sven Grosse, Massimo Iiritano, Bernard McGinn, Matthias Riedl, and Brett Edward Whalen

I’ve worked through it and will post my review of it Monday.

George Will Is Furious and Disgusted

He explains why.

Quote of the Day

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Signs of the Times in AAR

Do You Even Theology, Bro?

Nope, love for God needs to become the constant factor of our lives because then from it love for others will naturally flow.  Do you even theology, Bro?

Migrants, Refugees, and the Bible

Richard Goode nailed it a couple of years ago and what he wrote then is still relevant today.

More ‘Immer diese Zwinglis’

Interpreting the Bible Through Images

Refo500 announces

Neuerscheinung bei Schnell und Steiner: Johann Anselm Steiger, Bibelauslegung durch Bilder. Zur sakralen Intermedialität im 16. bis 18. Jahrhundert. Das Buch erscheint in der Reihe “Kunst und Konfession in der Frühen Neuzeit“. 


Signs of the Times

Free Access to ‘Dead Sea Discoveries’ Till August 16

Free articles from Dead Sea Discoveries

To celebrate the 25th Volume of Dead Sea Discoveries, 25 articles from the past 25 Volumes will be available for free downloading during 2018.

The following 5 articles are now freely accessible until 16 August:

Did John the Baptist Eat like a Former Essene? Locust-eating in the Ancient Near East and at Qumran
James Kelhoffer (Volume 11, No. 3)

Mystery or History: The Dead Sea Scrolls as Pop Phenomenon
Maxine Grossman (Volume 12, No. 1)

The Book(s) Attributed to Noah
Michael Stone (Volume 13, No. 1)

The Development of the Early Recensions of the Damascus Document
Menahem Kister (Volume 14, No. 1)

What Has Happened to the Laws? The Treatment of Legal Material in 4QReworked Pentateuch
Moshe Bernstein (Volume 15, No. 1)