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The Bee Stings the Idolater Robert Jeffress

After announcing a “Freedom Sunday” patriotic service scheduled for this weekend, Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Dallas confirmed to his congregation that a brand-new sermon series on the topic of idolatry would be kicking off the following Sunday.

Jeffress confirmed the “big, patriotic blowout” would be a “one-time thing,” after which the pastor would begin preaching a new, regular series on not having any other gods before the Lord. Titled “Idols,” the six-week series will focus on all the different things Christians have a tendency to worship rather than giving glory to God alone, according to Jeffress.

“We get to set aside 60 minutes this coming Lord’s Day to stand in awe of this great Christian nation, in place of our usual time of worship,” Jeffress said. “I’ll be preaching a sermon called ‘America is a Christian Nation,’ we’ll get to recognize those who served in the military, and we’ll have fireworks, songs honoring America, and just some really great patriotic worship.”

“But don’t worry,” he added. “Next week we’ll be right back in the Word, checking out all the places God warns us about worshiping anything except for Him in our exciting new series.”

At publishing time, Jeffress had further confirmed his sermon series after “Idols” will focus on how the Christian’s citizenship is in heaven, and not any nation on this earth.

Jeffress really is holding a ‘patriotic’ worship service at his cult.  If there were any biblically literate people on staff there or members of the cult they would denounce this regularly and loudly.  Alas, there aren’t.

Whatever Metoxic Writes, It’s Sure To Be Garbage

The Bee nails it.

Eric Metaxas Announces 700-Page, In-Depth Biography Of Bob The Tomato.

Look for it in free book bins outside your local bookstore soon.

Leigh Valentine is Projecting Her Own Perversion

Right here. She is no Christian.

Melania Demonstrates Tone Deaf Behavior…


And Now For Something Completely Different

My daughter is the most talented knitter you’ll meet. she has a shop. she writes

“Shameless reminder that my Etsy shop is open for business (@blackheartknit). You know you need a baby blanket for someone. 😉 And it’s never too early for Christmas shopping!”

Visit her shop here.  And, yes, she takes special orders.

#TBT- The First Book I Had Published

Was this one, in 2011.  I’d written reviews and articles and such before that, but this was the first book.  And it’s always been my favorite, even though I would totally rewrite it now.   I’ll always appreciate Quartz Hill Publishing for taking it on (along with the Commentary).

Your firstborn is always your favorite.

The AAR Interpretive Dance Team is on Tour in the United Kingdom!

If you’re on that side of the pond, this event is for you.  If not don’t worry, the AAR dance team will also be performing in Denver.