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Stanley Porter on Metaphor in the New Testament

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Today at 5:15-6:30pm, June 21, 2018 New Zealand time (6:15am UK time; 10:15pm, June 20, Pacific time, USA), Dr. Stanley Porter will deliver a lecture at the University of Otago on “Metaphor in the New Testament: Expressing the Inexpressible through Language.”

Much New Testament studies has been shackled by a limiting and constraining literalism—or at least what purports to be literalism. This has resulted in an emphasis upon the “thingness” of the ancient world and its texts, rather than on the “howness,” that is, how language is used to reflect upon and even create the world in which the ancients existed. The result of such a narrow view of human experience and use of language is the failure to appreciate the nature and complexity of language itself, in particular metaphor. Fundamental to interpretation is recognition of the role that language plays in human experience, and from that grow all of…

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MTV Momentarily Breaks Pattern And Airs Decency

A spokesperson for MTV has finally apologized after the cable channel aired Chris Pratt’s brief acceptance speech at the MTV Movie & TV Awards earlier this week, stating that the content of his address was not totally vapid, mindless trash, and as such wasn’t in line with the network’s usual programming standards and core values.

The spokesperson told MTV viewers that Pratt’s message of hope, faith, and responsibility is “totally at odds” with the values of the channel that airs an almost constant barrage of “Jersey Shore” and “Teen Mom” spin-offs. According to the spokesperson, Pratt’s speech wasn’t vetted in advance for positive, Judeo-Christian values. Censors scrambled to bleep out words like “God,” “love,” and “pray,” but “the damage was done.” The network claims it is putting new standards into place for future awards shows, and will train its censors to prevent the channel’s international audience from hearing anything remotely helpful and encouraging.

“We regret if any of our viewers were exposed to a positive, faith-affirming message, and would like to offer a weekend marathon of ‘Teen Mom 2’ as a way to make amends,” the spokesperson said in the heartfelt apology video. “While we made a mistake here, we’d like to remind our viewers that we are the number-one source of vapid, cynical entertainment for teens and young adults, and we’re committed to making up for airing Pratt’s speech by absolutely burying you with new episodes of ‘Ex on the Beach’ and ‘MTV Floribama Shore.’”

The network further apologized if any of its viewers have ever been exposed to music videos on its channel, and stated it would be redoubling its efforts to ensure actual music is never played on any of its programs.

Signs of the Times

The Continuing Adventures of ‘Mission Zwingli’

Jesus Wept… Every Time…

The Continuing Adventures of ‘Mission Zwingli’

Signs of the Times

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