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Worship 101: Unfollow me if you want, but there is no room in the Christian faith for something called “patriotic worship.” – Michael Svigel

Correct- Christians don’t worship flags or lands or borders or political parties. We worship God. Period. Forever.

Who Wrote the Torah?

Excise yourself from the misery of American politics and wickedness (they’re synonyms) and enjoy this fine essay by the superb Konrad Schmid.

When a ‘Man’ Mocks an Immigrant Child With Down Syndrome Who Was Separated From Her Mom… That Man is Inhuman

That ‘man’ is Corey Lewandowski-

Corey Lewandowski’s hell will be heated at the highest temperature.

Signs of the Times

Twitter Theology that Makes me Sigh

Nope- Love isn’t God.  Scripture nowhere says love is God.  Saying love is God is idolatry, pure and simple.

Signs of the Times

Nope.  Sorry, Sparky, not even close contextually.  Try again.  Or better, don’t try at all until you’ve actually studied the Bible.  A LOT.

Handing the Evil One over to Satan for the Destruction of His Flesh

For though absent in body, I am present in spirit; and as if present I have already pronounced judgment in the name of the Lord Jesus on the man who has done such a thing. When you are assembled, and my spirit is present with the power of our Lord Jesus, you are to hand this man over to Satan for the destruction of the flesh, so that his spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord  (1 Cor 4:3-5).

Let the reader understand.

Signs of the Times

Ιησους….   I’m speechless.  I pray God destroy those responsible for this monstrous evil.

Mission Zwingli: Prophezei

Signs of the Times

If This Doesn’t Suffice To Guide Your Views of Immigration, You Just Don’t Care What the Bible Says, About Anything, So Stop Talking About It

Exodus 23:9 —  “You must not oppress foreigners. You know what it’s like to be a foreigner, for you yourselves were once foreigners in the land of Egypt.”

Deporting the ‘Illegal Immigrant’ Pregnant Mom But Allowing the Fetus to Stay: How the ‘Prolife’ Right Works

Prolife judge Anthony Gabel ordered Fairuz Naoum, a pregnant illegal immigrant, to be deported back to Iraq last week, just moments before giving her unborn baby permission to stay in the United States.

Gabel told EOTT this morning that 27-year-old Naoum, a Christian living in Dearborn, Michigan, would have to leave the country immediately, though her deportation back to her native Iraq meant a possible death sentence.

“I understand the gravity the situation,” Gabel said as he brushed off some lint from his “Choose Life” t-shirt. “I’m not stupid. I know that sending anyone, let alone a Christian, back to Iraq essentially means sending them back into ISIS territory, where they’ll will be hunted down for the foreseeable future. But unfortunately, she’s already outside of the womb, which means I owe her nothing.”

Gabel went on to say that the fetus inside Naoum had rights bestowed upon him by the Creator, and that he could not “in good conscience deport one of God’s creatures.”

“Under the ruling,” Gabel explained, “Naoum will be forced to either voluntarily leave the United States with her unborn baby, or to induce labor and to have the child, which would give the baby the right to…wait, giving birth to the baby would automatically make it no longer unborn, meaning I, a good Christian man, don’t have to give a crap about it.”

At press time, Gabel is looking into changing the ruling so that Naoum does not spawn another illegal immigrant that would most likely become a terrorist.


Yes, EOTT is a satire site.  But satire usually makes sense because it sounds true.  It’s mockery at its finest.

The Birthday of the Prophezei

Under Zwingli’s leadership…

A theological college, called Carolinum, was established from the funds of the Great Minster, and opened June 19, 1525. It consisted of the collegium humanitatis, for the study of the ancient languages, philosophy and mathematics, and the Carolinum proper, for the study of the Holy Scriptures, which were explained in daily lectures, and popularized by the pastors for the benefit of the congregation. This was called prophesying (1 Cor. 14:1).  Zwingli wrote a tract on Christian education (1526).   He organized this school of the prophets, and explained in it several books of the Old Testament, according to the Septuagint. He recommended eminent scholars to professorships. Among the earliest teachers were Ceporin, Pellican, Myconius, Collin, Megander, and Bibliander. To Zwingli Zurich owes its theological and literary reputation. The Carolinum secured an educated ministry, and occupied an influential position in the development of theological science and literature till the nineteenth century, when it was superseded by the organization of a full university. — Philip Schaff

The Prophezei