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The Followers of Folly Compared With the Followers of Wisdom

The Schoolmaster

The Schoolmaster

Folly speaking to Wisdom (in ‘In Praise of Folly)-

Look how your hard plodding students, by a close sedentary confinement to their books, grow mopish, pale, and meagre, as if by a continual wrack of brains, and torture of invention, their veins were pumped dry, and their whole body squeezed sapless; whereas my followers are smooth, plump, and bucksome, and altogether as lusty as so many bacon-hogs, or sucking calves; never in their career of pleasure to be arrested with old age, if they could but keep themselves untainted from the contagiousness of wisdom, with the leprosy whereof, if at any time they are infected, it is only for prevention, lest they should otherwise have been too happy.

Bacon-hogs and sucking calves, plump and bucksome, happily ignorant their whole lives as long as they don’t come in contact with wisdom which folly views as leprosy… Erasmus would be proud that his vision of the foolish has been literally fulfilled in the masses.

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13 Jun 2018 at 10:18 am

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