Luther: On Marriage

“Marriage consists of these things: the natural desire of sex, the bringing to life of offspring, and life together with mutual fidelity. Yet the devil can so rupture marriage that hate is never more bitter than here. This comes from our beginning everything without prayer and with presumption. A God-fearing young man who is about to be married should pray, ‘Dear God, add thy blessing!’ But this is not done. Everybody is like Dolzig, and the most important things are begun presumptuously. What is our Lord God to do under the circumstances? It is implied that his name is false: Almighty, Creator, the Giver of all things. Accordingly, dear Master Veit, do as I did. When I wished to take my Katy I prayed to God earnestly. You ought to do this too. You have never yet prayed to God earnestly for a wife.” — Martin Luther