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The Problem With ‘Progressive’ Christians…

Is that they are 1) theologically fairly ill informed.  And 2), they are so fixated on whatever their latest fad cause is that they lose all sense of perspective and so curved in on themselves that they are robbed of any sense of humor.

They need to lighten up a bit.  Maybe then people wouldn’t find them and their pet cause du jour so repulsive.

Signs of the Times

Talk about your fake news- Ivanka is the queen of it (since this isn’t an actual Chinese proverb)…   PS- nice trolling, NPR-


If you can’t negotiate within the confines of your marriage, you certainly can’t negotiate anything that matters.  If you are inept enough to destroy something you vowed to preserve till death do you part, you shouldn’t be trusted to negotiate anything.

Me, Every Single Day

Signs of the Times

No Christian would, or could, wear such a blasphemous abomination.

If you don’t know the several things wrong with this, leave that emergent church you attend and get to one where the Pastor is a theologian and not a business major.