Calvin: On Those Who Endure Persecution

English: Anonymous 16th century portrait of Ca...

If, while conscious of our innocence, we are deprived of our substance by the wickedness of man, we are, no doubt, humanly speaking, reduced to poverty; but in truth our riches in heaven are increased: if driven from our homes we have a more welcome reception into the family of God; if vexed and despised, we are more firmly rooted in Christ; if stigmatised by disgrace and ignominy, we have a higher place in the kingdom of God; and if we are slain, entrance is thereby given us to eternal life. The Lord having set such a price upon us, let us be ashamed to estimate ourselves at less than the shadowy and evanescent allurements of the present life. — John Calvin

2 thoughts on “Calvin: On Those Who Endure Persecution

  1. Ira Stamphill version:
    I’m satisfied with
    Just a cottage below
    A little silver, a little gold
    But in that city
    Where the ransomed shall shine
    I want a gold one with a silvery line…
    Don’t judge me poor
    discontented or lonely,
    I’m not discouraged: I’ma heaven bound
    I’m just a pilgrim
    In search of that city
    I want a mansion a harp and a crown…
    I have a mansion, right over the hilltop
    In that bright land where,
    we’ll never grow old
    And some day yonder
    we’ll never more wander
    but walk the streets that
    are purest gold


  2. Top that, Calvin!


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