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Breaking News:  A Newly Discovered Fragment of Mark Has Been Published By the Team of Tilling and Wright!

Behold, Papyrus TillingWrightensis!

It’s a privilege to unveil this to the world. Uncovered just this week, feast your eyes on 21st century Mark.

It’s just as important as other recently discoverd trinkets like P137 and the King’s Head thingy….

How You Can Tell the Difference Between Scholars and Dilettantes

TBN – The Blasphemy Network

Last week, TBN teased a name change for the long-running Christian channel, and finally revealed the new official name for the station on a live broadcast this morning: The Blasphemy Network.

“Trinity Broadcasting Network simply wasn’t right for our brand, as it contains accurate theology and no indication that we regularly broadcast completely heretical teachings,” TBN president Matt Crouch said on the live show. “We wanted to remind our audience that we’re all about the blasphemy, 24/7.”

Coinciding with the name change, the network also announced an exciting new variety show called “The Benny Hinn Show,” a workout program tentatively titled “Steven Furtick Pumps You Up,” and a spin-off of an old MTV show dubbed “Cribs: Prosperity Preacher Edition.”

Pentebabbleists… they do love their heresy.

You Shouldn’t Work On Sunday… Unless It’s at a Restaurant Christians Like to go to After Church…

Here’s the story:

Long-standing member of First Baptist Church Adrienne Little went out to lunch after church on Sunday, as is her custom, and spent the entire time scolding her Applebee’s waiter for taking a shift on the Lord’s Day rather than dedicating the day to worshiping God, sources confirmed.

As the young server politely waited on Little and 14 of her church friends for over three hours, the woman continually berated him for working on a Sunday.

“Why are you not at church? Don’t you know today is the Lord’s Day?” the woman said, raising a judgmental eyebrow. “Also, bring me another salad. This one’s all wilted and not fresh at all. Honestly, who runs this place?”

“It’s just really sad to see how many young people think it’s OK to disrespect God by working on Sunday,” she said loudly as the busy server hurried over to another table. “I don’t know if I want to live in a country where this kind of thing is acceptable. Back in my day, nobody would have the nerve to dishonor God in that way.”

After sending back her entree a third time, Little wondered aloud why it is that restaurants are open on Sunday in the first place, blaming the phenomenon on “our godless culture” and former president Barack Obama. “This place we’re eating at should be closed to honor the Lord,” she grumbled, shaking her head.

Sources also claim Little left a dollar tip, later revealed to be a gospel tract rather than actual, legal tender.

‘First-Century’ Mark Fragment: Second Update

Good stuff from Dan-

Daniel B. Wallace

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Oxyrhynchus volume 83.jpgEgypt Exploration Society Statement on P.Oxy 5345
On June 4, the Egypt Exploration Society (EES) posted a statement about the ‘First-Century’ Mark fragment (a.k.a. FCM, P.Oxy. 5345, P137). The statement offered some backstory on the manuscript and the controversy that has surrounded it. Inter alia, the EES claimed the following:

  1. The papyrus fragment was most likely…

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Will Ross Talks About the ‘Septuagint Reader’s Edition’

Over at our blog Septuaginta, I put together some information about what vocabulary we provided in the apparatus of our reader’s edition. Plus if you stick with it you’ll find a sample text from Exodus at the bottom of the post.


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“This is history. We are living — regardless of what happens in that meeting between the two dictators — what we are seeing right now, this is history.” – Fox News (of the meeting between Kim and Trump)

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