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This Is Why You Don’t Allow Dilettantes to Have a Bible

Their mishandling of it has serious consequences:

A B.C. couple whose religious views are too extreme even for churches and pastors and put them at odds with family, doctors, social workers and anyone else trying to help them with their daughter, have lost their battle for custody of her.

The unusual child custody trial featured the couple speaking in tongues to a stuffed animal they said transmitted the word of God directly to them and refusing legal assistance because Jesus Christ — through the stuffed lion — was their lawyer, witness and judge.

In November, when the girl was one, the Provincial Court of British Columbia formally declared she was in need of protection and placed her in provincial custody, a decision the parents appealed to the B.C. Supreme Court. The parents claimed the judge violated their Charter rights, discriminated against them as Christians and made procedural errors.

Both parents were raised in Christian homes, she in Ontario and he in B.C., but strayed from their roots until reconnecting with their beliefs as adults. They met in 2014 and shared a mutual interest in their own emerging view of the Christian faith and were privately married a year later, court heard.

They are not named to protect the identity of the child.

They had unstable working and living arrangements, moving around various communities in B.C., court heard. Their views started interfering with their relationships with others, including Christian communities. Several churches banned them and even called police for assistance when the couple set out to “purge churches of evil influences,” according to court records.

At one point, after the birth of their child, they were criminally charged with causing a disturbance after police were called to a church in West Kelowna where the parents were trying to cleanse demonic influences, court heard.

“It appears that, due to their strong religious beliefs, they are intolerant of those who do not espouse identical views. This includes other Christians,” Justice Diane MacDonald wrote in her ruling, released this week.

Etc. So, do keep the Bible out of the hands of the unhinged.

An Invitation to Mainz

Thursday Motivation

I hope you are as encouraged by this motivational video as I am-


Generation Entitled

According to sources, local man Greg Harding, who volunteered as a soccer and baseball coach and handed out hundreds of participation trophies throughout his tenure, launched into a long rant about “this generation” and how “these millennials don’t appreciate hard work.”

“I don’t know where they get this sense of accomplishment for doing absolutely nothing,” said the older man who had passed out truckloads of participation trophies, runner-up ribbons, and other meaningless awards to his kids and their teammates for decades. “I tell you what, they’re in for a rude awakening in a few years when they’ll have to be responsible for the trillions of dollars of debt racked up by politicians I voted for.”

Sources also confirmed Harding had allowed his kids to live with him until they were 25, given several of them jobs at his company, and always made sure they had the latest toys, gadgets, and other comforts.

“In my day, we did hard work and were rewarded for it. Nowadays, kids expect to be given juice boxes and orange slices just for showing up,” he said, though he himself had passed out juice and snacks to kids just for showing up to various sporting events throughout the years.

At publishing time, Harding had begun lamenting this generation’s “entitlement culture” as he wandered out to the mailbox to see if his social security check had come in yet.

Signs of the Times

Things They Don’t Tell You in Seminary

At some point the mental and physical toll ministry takes is no longer worth it. #ThingsTheyDontTellYouInSeminary

Tudor Slander Courts: Where You Could Sue Folk in Ecclesiastical Courts for Calling You Names…

This is a delightful look at a slice of Church history that simultaneously amuses and horrifies.  You have to give it to the Tudors- they could sling some insults.

… in 1663, Robert Heyward was hauled before the Cheshire courts for calling Elizabeth Young a ‘salt bitch’ and a ‘sordid whore’. In court, he claimed he could prove Elizabeth was a whore and she should just go home and ‘wash the stains out of thy coat’. In order to prove a case of slander, you would need a witness to the insult, to prove the accusation was untrue with a character witness, and to show how your reputation had been damaged by being called such names. The punishment for slander ranged from fines and being ordered to publicly apologise, through to excommunication (though this was rare.) One example of punishment occurred in 1691, William Halliwell was ordered to publically apologise in Church to Peter Leigh for defaming his character.


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Albertz, Rainer Pentateuchstudien   Hrsg. v. Jakob Wöhrle, unter Mitarb. v. Friederike Neumann

[Pentateuch Studies. Published in German.]  Twenty-one studies dedicated to the composition and redaction of the Pentateuch and the Hexateuch, written over ten years as part of the Münster Old Testament scholar Rainer Albertz’s work on his Exodus Commentary, are gathered in this volume.  » Published as volume 117 in the series Forschungen zum Alten Testament.

For those who are interested in such things.

Nüwe Zyttungen

This just arrived from Zurich thanks to Reinhard Bodenmann and the other lovely folk there at the University in the Department of Theology.  It’s from a new exhibit on the letters of Bullinger.  And it’s wonderful!

It’s a treasure trove, just like Bullinger’s correspondence.  Now, to enjoy it.

Signs of the Times