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Last Call

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We’re Living in Some Sort of Purgatorial Twilight Zone

This isn’t The Onion…

CIA says North Korea won’t give up nuclear weapons, could open burger franchise in sign of goodwill to Trump: report hill.cm/BjPNGKl

Jesse Duplantis and Satan Team Up

In a public appearance with the prosperity gospel televangelist Tuesday, Lucifer the Prince of Darkness committed to matching all donations dollar for dollar that disciples of Jesse Duplantis make for his new private luxury jet.

“I hereby vow to double every dollar you give to help my friend Jesse get his new $54 million Falcon 7X,” Satan said at the press conference, as a smiling Duplantis looked on. “Together, we can help him reach his fundraising goal and spread his demonic message of abundance and prosperity all across the globe.”

“Please, if you can find it in your heart, make a love offering today,” Satan added in a solemn plea.

Satan promised to wire the funds from his account in the underworld straight to Duplantis’s ministry as soon as he reaches half of his fundraising goal. The pair claim to have had a long working relationship, with Satan contributing his demonic power to the minister’s last three jet purchases and helping to provide a large portion of the televangelist’s underlying theology.

You know it’s true.

Quote of the Day

“Come, take up the cross, and follow Me”. (Mk. 10:21)

Roseanne Has Always Been Abhorrent

So it’s no surprise that she showed it in her vile tweets.

After Roseanne Barr posted a series of incendiary tweets, ABC canceled the reboot of her eponymous sitcom. “Roseanne’s Twitter statement is abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values, and we have decided to cancel her show,” ABC Entertainment President Channing Dungey said in a one-sentence statement Tuesday.

Haifa Dead Sea Scrolls Fonts

This is right cool-

For every reconstruction we produce, we create a computer font of the specific scroll in order to be as accurate as possible. Our fonts are free to download and on our website. Feel free to use them, share and spread them around. We ask to give the proper credit to our team. http://megillot.haifa.ac.il/index.php/en/cryptic-font

Bono Is a ‘Convenience Store Christian’

As long as he can dash in and dash out whenever he wants, he’s cool with Christianity.

In a heartfelt announcement Tuesday, U2 frontman Bono confirmed he would resume pretending to be a Christian after the official U2 account voiced support for the recent repeal of the Eighth Amendment in Ireland, which had prevented women from having abortions in the country.

The legendary musician had temporarily set aside his claimed Christianity during the campaign to repeal Ireland’s strict abortion restrictions, but confirmed he would be ending his hiatus from Christian values now that the measure has passed. The rock star reportedly feared losing U2’s large Christian fanbase and the adoration of worship leaders everywhere, but was able to assuage the concerns of these groups with his announcement.

“Now that the Eighth Amendment has been repealed, rest assured that I will continue to make vaguely Christian references in my interviews and music,” he said. “While I set aside my faith for a few weeks there to make sure that abortion would take over the once deeply religious nation of Ireland, I’m back and more passionate about Jesus and faith and love and stuff than ever.”

“Just, like, coexist, man,” he added.

Mockery well deserved.

Your Quarterly Reminder About the History of Palestine

Jerome’s Letter LII- Advice to Clerics, Section 11

Let your breath never smell of wine lest the philosopher’s words be said to you: “instead of offering me a kiss you are giving me a taste of wine.” Priests given to wine are both condemned by the apostle and forbidden by the old Law. Those who serve the altar, we are told, must drink neither wine nor shechar. Now every intoxicating drink is in Hebrew called shechar whether it is made of corn or of the juice of apples, whether you distil from the honeycomb a rude kind of mead or make a liquor by squeezing dates or strain a thick syrup from a decoction of corn. Whatever intoxicates and disturbs the balance of the mind avoid as you would wine. I do not say that we are to condemn what is a creature of God. The Lord Himself was called a “wine-bibber” and wine in moderation was allowed to Timothy because of his weak stomach. I only require that drinkers should observe that limit which their age, their health, or their constitution requires. But if without drinking wine at all I am aglow with youth and am inflamed by the heat of my blood and am of a strong and lusty habit of body, I will readily forego the cup in which I cannot but suspect poison.

The Day Martin Luther’s Father Died…

Hans-LutherOn 29 May, 1530 Martin Luther’s father, Hans, died.

When Luther’s father, who was on his deathbed, was asked by his pastor whether he believed the consolations which Luther had written to him, he replied, “Of course! If I didn’t believe them I’d be a knave.”

Luther thought enough of his father to name one of his children after him.  Indeed, his death affected Luther quite deeply:

When the news of his father’s death reached him at the Coburg, Luther took his psalter, went to his room, and was not seen the rest of the day.

We are fortunate to have a couple of letters from Martin to Hans:

  1. To Hans Luther, Wartburg, November 21, 1521
  2. To Hans Luther, Wittenberg, February 15, 1530

Luther heard of his dad’s death on June 6 and that very day wrote the following to Melanchthon:

Today Hans Reinecke wrote me that my very dear father, Hans Luther the Elder, departed from this life on Exaudi Sunday at one o’clock. This death has certainly thrown me into sadness, thinking not only [of the bonds] of nature, but also of the very kind love [my father had for me]; for through him my Creator has given me all that I am and have. Even though it does comfort me that [Reinecke] writes that [my father], strong in faith in Christ, had gently fallen asleep, yet the pity of heart and the memory of the most loving dealing[s] with him have shaken me in the innermost parts of my being, so that seldom if ever have I despised death as much as I do now.

Yet “the righteous man is taken away from calamity, and he enters into peace;” that is, we die many times before we die once for all. I succeed now in the legacy of the name, and I am almost the oldest Luther in my family. Now it is up to me, not only by chance, but also by law, to follow [my father] through death into the kingdom of Christ; may He graciously bestow this on us, for it is for His sake that we are the most miserable among men, and a disgrace for the whole world. Since I am now too sad, I am writing no more; for it is right and Godpleasing for me, as a son, to mourn such a father, from whom the Father of [all] mercies has brought me forth, and through whose sweat [the Creator] has fed and raised me to whatever I am [now]. Indeed I rejoice that he has lived till now so that he could see the light of truth. Praise be to God in all his deeds and councils for ever and ever. Amen.

A fitting tribute to what seems to have been a very good father.

Immer diese Zwinglis!

The Latest from the Zurich Blog

Here’s an interesting essay:

Die Reformierten sind stolz auf das „prophetische Wächteramt“. Sie verstehen sich als eine Kirche, die sich nicht in den Winkel frommer Innerlichkeit zurückzieht, sondern sich einmischt, politisch Stellung bezieht, sich auf die Seite der Schwachen und Entrechteten schlägt. Immer wieder hört man denn auch den Ruf, die Kirche müsste mutiger auftreten, deutlich Kante zeigen, ihre prophetische Funktion beherzter wahrnehmen. „Mehr Prophetie wagen“, riet der deutsche Journalist Matthias Drobinski den kriselnden Kirchen unlängst.

Ich bin ebenfalls stolz, wenn meine Kirche klar Stellung nimmt, besonders dann, wenn sie sich damit auch gegen Mehrheiten stellt. Trotzdem habe ich meine Mühe mit dem Begriff des prophetischen Wächteramts. Der Begriff kommt mir zu gross vor für das, was wir als Kirche tun, wenn wir uns in der öffentlichen Diskussion vernehmen lassen. Mehr noch: Der Begriff erscheint mir aus der Zeit gefallen. In einer schlechten Weise nicht mehr zeitgemäss. Warum?


A New Project

The Theological University of Kampen and the European Melanchthon-Academy in Bretten introduced a new international research project in the framework of RefoRC: Reformation, Musical History and Theology.

Read all the details here.

The Anniversary of the Theological Declaration of Barmen is A Couple of Days Off

Barmen Declaration (1934). The statement drawn up at the first Synod of the *Confessing Church at Barmen from 29 to 30 May 1934, to define the belief and mission of the Church in the face of the theologically liberal tendencies of the Nazi *German Christians. The foundation of the Church was held to be the Revelation of God in Jesus Christ and not any subordinate revelation in nature or history, and her primary mission was defined as to preach the Gospel of the free Grace of God. The Synod and its Declaration were deeply under the influence of K. Barth. Text, with full bibl., in K. D. Schmidt (ed.), Die Bekenntnisse und grundsätzlichen Äusserungen zur Kirchenfrage, 2 (1935), section 42, pp. 91–8. G. Niemöller, Die erste Bekenntnissynode der Deutschen evangelischen Kirche zu Barmen (Arbeiten zur Geschichte des Kirchenkampfes, 5–6; 1959). W.-D. Hauschild, G. Kretschmar and C. Nicolaisen (eds.), Die lutherischen Kirchen und die Bekenntnissynode von Barmen: Referate des Internationalen Symposiums auf der Reisenburg 1984 (Göttingen, 1984). K. Scholder, Die Kirchen und das Dritte Reich, 2 [1987], esp. pp. 159–219; Eng. tr., 2 (1988), pp. 122–71.

From the Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church.  Spend some time pondering this exceedingly important theological statement.  The Church needs to stand even today against the temptation to be an agent of the State.   Indeed, especially those pastors who have become puppets of the political parties.

How Can You Tell the Difference Between A Song of Worship and A Pail of Word Vomit?

Here’s how:

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Oh Martin, Your Amusing Hubris…

„Das ist mein Glaube, denn also glauben alle rechten Christen“ – Martin Luther