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I’ve Been Waiting Years For This Happiest of Days

The day this three volume work was published.

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Here.  Go. Michael Langlois is the chief antagonist.

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Quote of the Day

There have always been charlatans trying to make their fortunes by peddling idiocies to people of faith. In the past it was relics of saints, more recently it has been papyrus fragments; in Israel many “Biblical” antiquities have turned out … Continue reading

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What it’s Like For Women at SWBTS

Paige Patterson has wrecked more lives than we can even count.

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Signs of the Times

This is happening in America.  Right now.  We should be ashamed beyond words and our politicians should pay the price.

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The Hermeneutics of the Biblical Writers: Learning to Interpret Scripture from the Prophets and Apostles

A method of interpretation–a hermeneutic–is indispensable for understanding Scripture, constructing theology, and living the Christian life, but most contemporary hermeneutical systems fail to acknowledge the principles and practices of the biblical writers themselves. Christians today cannot employ a truly biblical … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times

The lion roars: who is not afraid? Lord Yahweh has spoken: who will not prophesy?  From the palace roofs of Assyria and from the palace roofs of Egypt, proclaim aloud, ‘Assemble on the hills of Samaria and observe the grave disorders … Continue reading

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If this Seems OK To You, I Question your Salvation

Look at who you have become, America.  You separate children from parents like some sort of modern day Auschwitz and ICE even plans to do it, with godless busses for the sole transport of infants.  If this reflects who we … Continue reading

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Ireland Votes to Readmit Snakes!

The Irish have spoken.  They, by a majority, want snakes back.

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Sick. Evil. Satanic.

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#ICYMI – ‘Online Church’ And ‘TV Church’ Are Not Church

This essay is worth reading.  Additionally, what’s said here can and also should be said of the TV church.

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If You’re in Zurich on 21 June…

You MUST attend this: Immer diese Zwinglis! Ein Animationsfilm von Kati Rickenbach Einladung zur Premiere in historischem Ambiente 21. Juni 2018 18.00–20.00 Uhr Kulturhaus Helferei Kirchgasse 13 8001 Zürich

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There are Only A Couple of Days Left…

For you to send along your Carnival suggestions.  If you’ve seen a good biblioblog post, send it.

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Memorial Day the Right Way

Today spend your time reflecting on the sacrifices many have made so that you could enjoy your freedom and perhaps even do a kindness to the family of someone who lost a soldier in battle.  That’s Memorial Day the right … Continue reading

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Live Streaming George Brooke Lecture

Via the undersigned- Dear Colleagues, We are happy to invite you to join us this Wednesday, 30 May, from 13.30-15.30, at the University of Groningen Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies (Oude Boteringestraat 38), room 117, for the Dirk Smilde … Continue reading

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