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#PapyrusGate Just Keeps Getting Better and Better

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P.Oxy LXXXIII 5345 (That ‘Fragment of Mark’ Thing)

Peter Gurry writes The publication of #poxy5345 is now online thanks to the EES. Plates included.   https://www.ees.ac.uk/news/poxy-lxxxiii-5345

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Synod of Dort (or Dordt)(or Dordrecht) Conference Announcement

SEPTEMBER 14-15, 2018 SYNOD OF DORT CONFERENCE About the Conference Four hundred years ago, in November 1618, eighty-seven delegates from across Reformed Europe came together in the Dutch city of Dordrecht to hold one of the largest and most significant … Continue reading

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We Have the America We Deserve To Have

Because we continue to elect the worst of us instead of the best of us.

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Bullinger in the News

It should be impossible to mention Zwingli without also invoking Bullinger. And yet Zurich’s second-most important reformer has remained an unknown figure, with only fragments of his writings published. Now, this is set to change.  http://www.news.uzh.ch/en/articles/2018/WorldNewsReformator.html Read it. Rejoice.

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Everyone Who Said that Fragment of Mark Was From the 1st Century Right Now…

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Sensational Discoveries: An Observation

‘First Century Mark’ is what happens when scholars care more about fame than truth.

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Betsy DeVos is an Instrument of Satan

Betsy DeVos to Schools: Call ICE on Undocumented Children She thinks she’s a Christian. She even boasts about it. But there’s nothing of the Spirit of Christ in the woman. Does Betsy DeVos care more about furthering the xenophobic and … Continue reading

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What Yet Lies Beneath? The Hoard of Unpublished Oxyrhynchus Texts

Originally posted on Larry Hurtado's Blog:
My note about the newly published items included in vol 83 of the Oxyrhynchus Papyri reminded me that to date, over 100 years after the excavations there, the vast hoard of papyri shipped…

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