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The Bandwagon Buffoons

The buffoons acting like everyone in the SBC is as vile as Paige Patterson are the same people who insist that all Muslims aren’t bad because a few are terrorists. They don’t care about victims, they just want to jump … Continue reading

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The Humiliation of the SBC

By and large Mohler is right in his analysis, though of course he’s wrong about a couple of things.  But the whole is worth a read.   Noteworthy are these: This is exactly what those who opposed the Conservative Resurgence … Continue reading

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I’d invite you guys to bible study tonight but I know two things: if you have to be invited, you aren’t coming anyway; and if you wanted to come, you wouldn’t have to be invited.

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So, Patheos Removed Throckmorton But Hosts Driscoll…

How odd.  Except it isn’t because Patheos is all about the money and they figure the heretic Driscoll will draw more ad traffic than truth seeker Throckmorton. By the by, Patheos emailed an invitation to blog there a few years … Continue reading

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I Want to Follow An Icelander… I Really Do…

But I fear

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Wow, No Wonder Steve is President of the SBC…

So pithy.  So wise.  So original* _____________ *I.e., so the head of a mega Church, which is the only real qualification anyone needs to have these days to be President of the SBC.

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The Lava Flow

Via the Facebook-

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Ido Koch Has An Announcement to Make About a Dig

Dear All, I am happy to invite you in the name of the Tel Hadid Expedition to join us in the field this spring. This is a joint project, headed by Tel Aviv University and the New Orleans Baptist Theological … Continue reading

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How I Became Me… A Horrifying Video

So here’s the backstory to this little bit of hellish trauma which I herewith inflict upon the world…  Tim Bulkeley is organizing the next official Carnival and he asked if I might say a bit about how I am who … Continue reading

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We Need A Purging…

‪Nothing would serve Christianity better in America than a real persecution where Christians were really killed. It would empty the churches of the frauds that now fill them and purify the community of faith like purging by fire. Short of … Continue reading

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Now That’s Something To Think About…

So now, Yahweh Sabaoth says this, “Think carefully about your behaviour.  You have sown much and harvested little; you eat but never have enough, drink but never have your fill, put on clothes but feel no warmth. The wage-earner gets his … Continue reading

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Loci praecipui theologici

Volume 1 of a new edition of the Loci praecipui theologici nunc denuo cura et diligentia Summa recogniti multisque in locis copiose illustrati 1559, by Philipp Melanchthon has recently been published by EVA of Leipzig. Philipp Melanchthons »Loci praecipui theologici« … Continue reading

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Paige Patterson is Out at SWBTS

One word: good. Jonathan Merritt- After weeks of controversy, Paige Patterson is out at @swbts. Critics will be upset that the board named him President Emeritus, which may feel like a honor for a man who is departing under such … Continue reading

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