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Isaiah 5:14

It’s happening here.

What Do You Do To Keep Up With The Languages You’ve Learned?

For my part my long standing practice has been to read three chapters of the Bible in one language, and one chapter in another, and one in a third.

So, taking today as an example – 3 chapters in German, 1 in Greek and 1 in Hebrew.

Yesterday I read 3 in Greek, 1 in Latin, and 1 in German.

Tomorrow I’ll read 3 in Hebrew, 1 in Greek, and 1 in German.

So, along with other stuff I read in German or Latin I always read 5 chapters of the Bible in a random mix.

What do you do to keep your language skills up? Thanks for sharing! I really am interested.

RNS Is Acting Despicably

They’ve run this headline:

RNS, can you not do better than this? If you don’t realize that Patterson doesn’t speak for the SBC or represent the views of everyone in the SBC, as your headline implies, you should shut down. This is a disgrace intended to slander every southern baptist and I find it despicable.

Republicans Love the Bible, Except the Parts That Describe Christian Practice

Via The Bee- 

MOBILE, AL—According to sources close to local Christian man Evan Patterson, the believer was “deeply troubled” by his morning devotional time in the Book of Acts after reading about how much the members of the early church shared with one another.

Patterson was reportedly “confused and a little offended” by how often the book of Acts seemed to suggest that believers share their material possessions with one another, “like some kind of weird hippie commune.”

“They were all together and had everything in common? They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had in need? Hoo boy—I’m just not sure that kind of radical sharing is a biblical concept,” he muttered as he frantically flipped through the rest of the book to see if the early church was condemned for its “socialist leanings.”

“Surely there’s something in here about setting boundaries for yourself and living a mostly self-centered life of material acquisition, with the occasional donation to a church or charity to assuage one’s guilt,” he added as he continued searching the New Testament for something that supported living a materialistic lifestyle. “Any second now, I’ll find something.”

At publishing time, Patterson had reported he would simply be removing Acts from his Bible altogether.

Impeached For What, From What??

Do you ever look at someone and wonder how they even found their way put of bed? That’s how I look at someone like Mr Wohl. The level of ignorance is stunning.

Bakers Need to Go to College and Learn Something… Or At Least Get Their Minds out of the Gutter

This is ABSURD.

Supermarket censors ‘Summa Cum Laude’ from graduation cake:  A Publix grocery store in Charleston, S.C., censored the words “Summa Cum Laude” on a graduation cake after its online ordering system flagged it for profanity.
Profanity… because someone ignorant doesn’t know what ‘cum’ means.  So for those of you who don’t know, ‘cum’ means ‘with’.  You daft loons.

Signs of the Times, in 1968…

Things never change-

Dear Young Theologians…

Pride and hubris are inappropriate for your field of endeavor.  Grandiose claims about this or that thinker or system aren’t your proper attire because familiarity only comes with time and hard work.

You aren’t a Barthian simply because you’ve read three of Barth’s books.  You’re a Barthian when you’ve read Barth in his fullness AND taken the time to digest and appropriate his ideas.  AND after comparing him to various of his peers.

The same goes for Tillich or Moltmann or Pannenberg.  And Brunner.

In sum, stop pretending you know more about theology than you actually do and instead do the hard work of reading immense amounts and processing all of it and thereby become a theologian by practice.

When a 20 something says that Tillich was a man before his time the only thing you can do is laugh at the silly hubris and simplemindedness of the inexperienced thinker’s unfounded claim.

Young theologians, don’t make yourselves into absurdities via pride.  Get to work.


“Greed”, La Somme le Roy, France ca. 1290-1300 (British Library, Add. 28162, fol. 9v)

Eight Beeps of Death

Well the old Dell laptop has given up the ghost.  The intermittent screen issues have given way to complete screen death as indicated by the eight beeps the poor thing uttered when I turned it on this morning.  Farewell, old Dell.