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“Baptists in America”: The Newest Issue of ‘Christian History Magazine’

You can read it here.

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Jews and Palestinians: An Observation

Israelis deserve to live in peace. But by heaven so do the Palestinians. Pretending that it’s just the Jews who matter is wrong, immoral, evil, unchristian, godless, and demonic. And the root of ALL mideastern misery.

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BCTR(S) 2018: London

Originally posted on Bible, Critical Theory, and Reception: The official seminar of the Royal Association of Biblical Studies:
The eighth annual BCTR Seminar will be dedicated to some of the latest developments in biblical studies. Building on the success of…

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That One Time the Times of Israel Tried To Act Objective

Ha.  It’s like hypocrisy, except worse, when the TOI acts like it hasn’t played a big part in spreading all kinds of exaggerated claims.

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Ex-ianity: The Latest Fad

To hear some people talk they are far more interested in telling you what they used to be instead of who they are. #ExEverythings #PresentlyNothing

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Haaretz is ignorant.

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