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What Offends…

What offends are fake Christians. Accordingly I am less offended by #MetGala2018 and their costumes than I am by the wolves in sheep’s clothing called @ericmetaxas @robertjeffress @Franklin_Graham and @JerryFalwellJr . Those four are doing far more damage to Christianity.

Seth Dunn? Never Heard of Him- And That Means he’s A Nobody

Women shouldn’t concern themselves over the views of a nobody.

In response to [Beth Moore’s] letter, a theologian named Seth Dunn who boasts a degree in “Christian Apologetics” criticized Moore’s character and writing — and implored her to keep quiet.  “Be silent. You are not a good Bible teacher,” Dunn wrote in a post on his blog. “You preach and write about yourself all the time as is if you were a character in the Biblical story. You’re not.”

“It pains me to know that so many women erroneously think that you are a good source for biblical teaching,” he continued. “You are not. Let me be clear, you aren’t a terrible Bible teacher because you are a woman, you are a terrible Bible teacher because you are not good at teaching the Bible. That you are a woman is irrelevant.”

Dunn went on to suggest that male theologians at conferences may have ignored Moore because they found her too alluring.

“Also, to be forthright, you are a good-looking woman,” he wrote. “Did it ever cross your mind that the Christian ministers who didn’t talk to you at conferences didn’t want to jeopardize their career by being thought to flirt with you?”

So not only is Dunn a nobody, he’s a sexist jerk.  His wife must be miserable.

Apparently Zondervan Is Planning Yet Another Edition of the NIV

A team of experts in biblical Greek released a report Tuesday confirming that the word often translated “repent” in most English versions of the New Testament is perhaps better rendered “you do you.”

Dr. Philip Manse of Fuller Theological Seminary, head scholar on a committee designed to review English renderings of the word, released a statement coinciding with the report confirming that repentance is better described as believing in yourself and following your dreams, rather than changing one’s mind and turning around one’s life.

“We’ve often assumed that Jesus’s command ‘metanoeite’ meant that we were to believe on him and abandon our old way of life,” Manse wrote. “But after studying the Scriptures really hard and searching our inner feelings, we’ve determined that’s not the case. Rather, Jesus was encouraging his listeners to listen to the whispers of their innermost desires and follow those, no matter what He or the Word of God said.”

“You should just do you. It’s all there in the text,” he went on to assure his readers.

The team of scholars recommended new translations be released with popular verses now reading “You do you, for the kingdom of heaven is near” and “Believe in yourself and be baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus. Or don’t, whatever you feel is right. It’s cool. You’ve got to follow your own path.”

At publishing time, Manse had teased an upcoming report that would question whether Jeremiah 17:9 should actually read, “The heart is trustworthy above all things, and you definitely should follow whatever it tells you. Who can know it?”


There’s Still Time To Jump In

IMPORTANT INFORMATION about the Barclay Live Stream

The Zurich NT facebook page is having tech issues, so the livestream will be available on Christoph Heilig’s personal facebook page.  Go HERE.

John Barclay, the Livestream- A Reminder- Today is the Day

Anthropology, History and Theology: Are They Compatible is the title of Barclay’s lecture. And it will be held on Tuesday, May 8th at 10 a.m. Eastern Time here in the US (4 p.m. local time in Zurich)(calculate your local time accordingly).

The livestream will commence at 4:15 but drop in here at 4 and share the link with others.

It’s Best to Avoid Kansas City…

Thanks to Michael Krause for the forewarning.

Never Forget…

The Prayer Hus Asked His Congregation to Pray As He Began To Preach

Helft mir durch eure Gebete, dass ich das Nötige auch immer mutig sagen und das, was ich sage, zum Nutzen mit Tatkraft erfüllen kann.  Darum wollen wir einmütig den allmächtigen Herrn bitten, dass er meinen Mund und alle Herzen fruchtbringend öffne, umsein Wort zu verkündigen. – Jan Hus