Daily Archives: 7 May 2018

John Barclay in Zurich Today

At an informal gathering.  Tomorrow he discusses Paul and you can watch the livestream.

Joseph, Mary, and Jesus Flee to Egypt…

I’ve Picked Out My Tombstone

Enemies and Friends of the State

In a word, Rollston has assembled a real treasure trove of important essays. This will be referenced for many years to come.

A Book

Die Nummer zwei ist da!  Gerade ist das Buch von der Druckerei angekommen und es kann ab sofort telefonisch bestellt werden. 416 Seiten, Flex-Cover, Fadenheftung, 16,90 Euro.


Don’t Bother Luther With Your Silly Problems Late at Night

When the doctor had gone to bed a man came who had been sent by the widow of the pastor in Belgern to ask for a husband. He [Martin Luther] said, “Give [her a husband]? She’s over seven years of age! Let her find her own husband! I can’t provide one for her.”

When the messenger had departed he said to me, laughing, “For God’s sake I’ll inquire. Write this down, Schlaginhaufen! What a bother! Am I to furnish husbands for these women? They must take me for a pimp! Fie on the world! Write it down, dear fellow, make a note of this!” — Martin Luther

Hear that?  If you’re over 7 find your own husband!