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John Barclay in Zurich Today

At an informal gathering.  Tomorrow he discusses Paul and you can watch the livestream.

Joseph, Mary, and Jesus Flee to Egypt…

I’ve Picked Out My Tombstone

Today with Emil Brunner

brunner83Emil Brunner received one of his several Honorary Doctorates – this one from the University of Oslo in 1946.  He was very deserving of such honors and, unlike his contemporary Karl Barth, wrote well and concisely.

Enemies and Friends of the State

In a word, Rollston has assembled a real treasure trove of important essays. This will be referenced for many years to come.


Meanwhile let the sinner continue sinning, and the unclean continue to be unclean; let the upright continue in his uprightness, and those who are holy continue to be holy.  Look, I am coming soon, and my reward is with me, to repay everyone as their deeds deserve.  (Rev. 22:11-12)

‘Unless You Repent…’

“It was just about this time that some people arrived and told him about the Galileans whose blood Pilate had mingled with that of their sacrifices. At this he said to them, ‘Do you suppose that these Galileans were worse sinners than any others, that this should have happened to them? They were not, I tell you. No; but unless you repent you will all perish as they did. Or those eighteen on whom the tower at Siloam fell, killing them all? Do you suppose that they were more guilty than all the other people living in Jerusalem? They were not, I tell you. No; but unless you repent you will all perish as they did.'” (Lk. 13:1-5)

A Book

Die Nummer zwei ist da!  Gerade ist das Buch von der Druckerei angekommen und es kann ab sofort telefonisch bestellt werden. 416 Seiten, Flex-Cover, Fadenheftung, 16,90 Euro.


Don’t Bother Luther With Your Silly Problems Late at Night

When the doctor had gone to bed a man came who had been sent by the widow of the pastor in Belgern to ask for a husband. He [Martin Luther] said, “Give [her a husband]? She’s over seven years of age! Let her find her own husband! I can’t provide one for her.”

When the messenger had departed he said to me, laughing, “For God’s sake I’ll inquire. Write this down, Schlaginhaufen! What a bother! Am I to furnish husbands for these women? They must take me for a pimp! Fie on the world! Write it down, dear fellow, make a note of this!” — Martin Luther

Hear that?  If you’re over 7 find your own husband!

Don’t You Wish The Rules of Calvin’s Geneva Were Universally In Force?


1. Everyone in each house is to come on Sundays, unless it be necessary to leave someone behind to take care of children or animals, under penalty of 3 sous.
2. If there be preaching any weekday, arranged with due notice, those that are able to go and have no legitimate excuse are to attend, at least one from each house, under penalty as above.
3. Those who have man or maid servants, are to bring them or have them conveyed when possible, so that they do not live like cattle without instruction.
4. Everyone is to be present at Sermon when the prayer is begun, under penalty as above, unless he absent himself for legitimate reason.
5. Everyone is to pay attention during Sermon, and there is to be no disorder or scandal.
6. No one is to leave or go out from the church until the prayer be made at the end of Sermon, under penalty as above, unless he have legitimate cause.

We all long for the good old days.