Closing the Gap: Best Practices for Integrating Historical and Theological Exegesis

Colleagues, registration is now open for an exciting conference in Durham focused on theological interpretation. It’s entitled ‘Closing the Gap: Best Practices for Integrating Historical and Theological Exegesis’. Amidst a burgeoning interest in reading biblical texts theologically, our aim is to have a concrete discussion about the actual practices employed in this kind of exegetical work. What forms of best practice might one use for integrating historical and theological exegesis? How should students design research projects that combine these approaches? What pitfalls should the theological interpreter avoid and why? The conference is due to take place on June 18-19 and it involves specialists from the UK and USA, including NT scholars John Barclay, Grant Macaskill, Wesley Hill, Katherine Grieb, Loveday Alexander, Elizabeth Shively, and Francis Watson. The registration cost is £23 for those outside of Durham. Spaces are limited so register soon:

Go if you can go.  It sounds like a blast.