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The Evisceration of The Museum of the Bible

Don’t miss this: Hobby Lobby’s Museum of the Bible Steals; Does It Also Lie?  Read every word. It’s what we old people call a good old fashioned evisceration.

Problems Only Bibliophiles Understand

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The Zürich Lexicography Conference Report

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The Only Course of Action in Face of Rank Hypocrisy

The word that came to Jeremiah from Yahweh, saying, ‘Stand at the gate of the Temple of Yahweh and there proclaim this message. Say, “Listen to the word of Yahweh, all you of Judah who come in by these gates to worship Yahweh.  Yahweh Sabaoth, the God of Israel, says this: Amend your behaviour and your actions and I will let you stay in this place. Do not put your faith in delusive words, such as: This is Yahweh’s sanctuary, Yahweh’s sanctuary, Yahweh’s sanctuary!

But if you really amend your behaviour and your actions, if you really treat one another fairly, if you do not exploit the stranger, the orphan and the widow, if you do not shed innocent blood in this place and if you do not follow other gods, to your own ruin, then I shall let you stay in this place, in the country I gave for ever to your ancestors of old.

Look, you are putting your faith in delusive, worthless words! Steal, would you, murder, commit adultery, perjure yourselves, burn incense to Baal, follow other gods of whom you know nothing? – and then come and stand before me in this Temple that bears my name, saying: Now we are safe to go on doing all these loathsome things! Do you look on this Temple that bears my name as a den of bandits? I, at any rate, can see straight, Yahweh declares.  “Now go to the place which used to be mine at Shiloh, where I once gave my name a home; see what I have done to it because of the wickedness of my people Israel!

And now, since you have done all these things, Yahweh declares, and refused to listen when I spoke so urgently, so persistently, or to answer when I called you, I shall treat this Temple that bears my name, and in which you put your heart, the place that I gave you and your ancestors, just as I treated Shiloh, and I shall drive you out of my sight, as I did all your kinsfolk, the whole race of Ephraim.”

‘You, for your part, must not intercede for this people, nor raise either plea or prayer on their behalf; do not plead with me, for I will not listen to you.  (Jer. 7:1-16)

Pitts Theology Library Has Acquired SBL’s Archives

Candler’s Pitts Theology Library has acquired the archives of the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL), the oldest and largest learned society devoted to the critical investigation of the Bible. The acquisition establishes Pitts as SBL’s official institutional repository and positions the library as a center for research on the development of the field of biblical studies.

Founded in 1880, SBL includes scholars from a wide variety of academic disciplines: biblical studies, history, literature, archaeology, anthropology, theology, and sociology, among others. It is international in reach, with 8,417 members from 96 countries.

The society’s archives provide a comprehensive history of the field of academic biblical studies, according to SBL Executive Director John F. Kutsko.

“SBL’s institutional age is older than the learned societies of many peer disciplines, which reflects the premier position biblical studies and theology held in universities in the 19th century and earlier,” he says. “Because of that past, the SBL archives don’t just record the history of the institution, but also the history of the modern, critical study of the Bible and its cognate literatures, cultures, and history of interpretation.”

Previously housed at Drew Theological School in New Jersey, the archives arrived at Pitts in mid-February. They include 445 document boxes, 2,345 volumes of books, journals, and meeting program books, administrative records, committee minutes, correspondence, and publications, including books published by SBL as well as the society’s quarterly publication, the Journal of Biblical Literature. The archives will be augmented annually as the society’s history continues to grow.

“We’re delighted to strengthen our connection to SBL in this way,” says Richard Manly “Bo” Adams Jr., director of Pitts Theology Library and Margaret A. Pitts Assistant Professor in the Practice of Theological Bibliography. “This acquisition positions Pitts as a global center for the study of the history and sociology of the field of biblical studies. We look forward to organizing and digitizing this important collection to make the archives accessible to researchers around the world.”



“So, Jeremiah, do not pray for these people. Do not cry out to me or petition me on their behalf. Do not plead with me to save them. For I will not listen to them when they call out to me for help when disaster strikes them.” Jer 11:14

I cite that text because there is simply no doubt that the America of today is just as wicked, just as reprobate, just as distant from God as the nation of Judah was in the day of Jeremiah.  To call Christians to prayer in support of a State that daily violates the very spirit of Jesus himself is an absurdity.

Were it a call to national repentance I could get behind it.  Short of that, this is just another day when people will pretend to be Christians while completely ignoring Christ- and I will have no part of it.

The KJV Translators Had French Help

New sources prove a Frenchman was one of the translators of the King James Bible.

They probably mean newly discovered sources… but never mind-

Although the King James Bible went on to become the most popular translation throughout the English-speaking world, the circumstances surrounding its production have always been mysterious. New research has shed light on the translators who worked on the first edition, with King James commissioning a renowned French scholar, Isaac Casaubon, who was visiting London at the time, to work on the final revision of the translation.  Dr Nicholas Hardy, University of Birmingham said: ‘The sources show us that the translation was not just an English affair. Casaubon was a Frenchman who had only just arrived in London, and could barely speak or write English. ‘Instead, he corresponded and conversed with the other translators in Latin, the common language of scholars in Europe at the time.’ The King James Bible was drafted by more than forty translators, divided into ‘companies’ working on separate sections of the Bible. The companies then sent delegates to London to revise the whole translation before it was printed.

Photo by Dr Nicholas Hardy, courtesy of the Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford


If You’re a Christian, You Call On Sinners to Repent

The chief indicator that @realDonaldTrump ‘s ‘religious advisers’ @ericmetaxas @JerryFalwellJr @Franklin_Graham @robertjeffress are godless is the fact that NONE of them have called on Trump to repent his lies and adultery.

Lying to God is a Bad Idea…

“There was also a man called Ananias. He and his wife, Sapphira, agreed to sell a property; but with his wife’s connivance he kept back part of the price and brought the rest and presented it to the apostles. Peter said, ‘Ananias, how can Satan have so possessed you that you should lie to the Holy Spirit and keep back part of the price of the land? While you still owned the land, wasn’t it yours to keep, and after you had sold it wasn’t the money yours to do with as you liked? What put this scheme into your mind? You have been lying not to men, but to God.’ When he heard this Ananias fell down dead. And a great fear came upon everyone present. The younger men got up, wrapped up the body, carried it out and buried it. About three hours later his wife came in, not knowing what had taken place. Peter challenged her, ‘Tell me, was this the price you sold the land for?’ ‘Yes,’ she said, ‘that was the price.’ Peter then said, ‘Why did you and your husband agree to put the Spirit of the Lord to the test? Listen! At the door are the footsteps of those who have buried your husband; they will carry you out, too.’ Instantly she dropped dead at his feet. When the young men came in they found she was dead, and they carried her out and buried her by the side of her husband. And a great fear came upon the whole church and on all who heard it.” (Acts 5:1-11)

Calvin and His Debilitating Migraines

“When our Merlin came yesterday, he found me in bed: I was suffering from a headache; for three days I had struggled against it, but the disorder at last conquered. Nevertheless I got up and went to the messenger from Bern. Soon after seven I returned; but I felt that the unpleasant motion of the horse, and my having been too long without food, had done me harm. The pain returned, and more sharply than before. I preached with great difficulty: this done, I went immediately to bed. I have told you all this, that you might excuse my too long delay.”  – John Calvin

Thomas Römer (Collège de France) – The Biblical Traditions about the Ark of the Covenant

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