The Reinstatement of the Monthly Avignonian Biblioblog Carnival

I’m reinstating the Avignonian Carnival beginning on June 1 (collecting posts from May 1 and onward to the end of the month).

During the Middle Ages there were, for a period of time, two papacies.  One in Rome, and a competing papacy in Avignon.  One was ‘official’ and the other was an upstart rival claiming legitimacy and being the rightful heir to Peter’s Keys.

Accordingly, there will be official Carnivals (which Phil Long will tell you about) and my own little Avignonian rival Carnival.  Double the pleasure, double the fun.

Stay tuned.  And if you have posts you’d like included, send them along.  Who knows, your post may be chosen and others will actually see them (in contrast to the official Carnival which usually only the author’s mom will read).   😉