Daily Archives: 15 Apr 2018

Bullinger: On Rebellion

bullingerTo reject and overwhelm [the guidance of the Holy Spirit] with stubborn falsehood, flat apostasy, wicked contradiction, and perpetual contempt, is flatly to commit [the] sin against the Holy Spirit. And this truly takes its point of departure from original sin, and is nourished and set forward by devilish suggestions, perverse affections, by indignations, envy, hope or fear, by stubborn and self-wilful malice, and lastly by contumacy and rebellion. — Heinrich Bullinger

Quote of the Day

So, let me get this straight…

We’re bombing Syria, because Syria bombed Syria, to show Syria that Syria shouldn’t bomb Syria.

Then, after we’ve bombed Syria for bombing Syria, we still won’t accept Syrian refugees that are seeking refuge from the bombing.

Got it. – Adam Sweeney

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