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Very Much Looking Forward to Reading This

Very keen to.  So I bought a copy.  Partly because I want to read it and partly because the GOP is already spending time and money to bash it and blacklist it.

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White Heterosexual Male Self Hatred

That’s the goal anyway, of the Progs. When all the negative news and hierarchical societal oppression in life gets you down, it’s good to take the time to recognize some of the good that goes on as well. For every … Continue reading

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Willkommen bei THEOLOGIE AKTUELL, dem offizielle Blog der Katholisch-Theologischen Fakultät der Universität Erfurt. Hier äußern sich Professorinnen und Professoren sowie Mitarbeitende, Gäste und Freunde der Fakultät zu theologischen Fragen der Zeit, geben Einblicke in aktuelle Forschungsthemen und laden Sie dazu ein, gemeinsam mit Ihnen … Continue reading

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Why Do Heretics Like Joel Osteen and Paula White and Benny Hinn and TD Jakes and Robert Jeffress Have Followers?

Put simply, because sick sheep will follow anyone whilst well sheep will only follow the real shepherd. Allow me to illustrate: An American, traveling in Syria, saw three native shepherds bring their flocks to the same brook, and the flocks … Continue reading

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A Forthcoming Volume of Interest to Old Testament Scholars

Un maître de la critique textuelle: Dominique Barthélemy: L’édition de la ‘Critique textuelle de l’Ancien Testament’ (1982-2015). Watch this space.

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