White Heterosexual Male Self Hatred

That’s the goal anyway, of the Progs.

When all the negative news and hierarchical societal oppression in life gets you down, it’s good to take the time to recognize some of the good that goes on as well. For every contact sport that won’t allow trans people to play in its women’s league, there’s a hetero member of the patriarchy who wants to jump off a bridge.

Keep fighting the good fight, because we’re moving toward a better world. Case in point: this person is heterosexual, Caucasian, male, cisgender, able-bodied, and wishes he had never been born.



Willkommen bei THEOLOGIE AKTUELL, dem offizielle Blog der Katholisch-Theologischen Fakultät der Universität Erfurt. Hier äußern sich Professorinnen und Professoren sowie Mitarbeitende, Gäste und Freunde der Fakultät zu theologischen Fragen der Zeit, geben Einblicke in aktuelle Forschungsthemen und laden Sie dazu ein, gemeinsam mit Ihnen mitzudiskutieren – für eine lebendige und gelebte Wissenschaft!

Give it a look.  I’m adding it to the theology section of the sidebar.

Why Do Heretics Like Joel Osteen and Paula White and Benny Hinn and TD Jakes and Robert Jeffress Have Followers?

Put simply, because sick sheep will follow anyone whilst well sheep will only follow the real shepherd. Allow me to illustrate:

An American, traveling in Syria, saw three native shepherds bring their flocks to the same brook, and the flocks drank there together. At length one shepherd arose and called out, اتبعني the Arabic for “follow me.” His sheep came out of the common herd and followed him up the hillside. The next shepherd did the same, and his sheep went away with him, and the man did not even stop to count them.

The traveler said to the remaining shepherd, “Give me your turban and crook, and see if they will not follow me as well as you.” So he put on the shepherd’s dress and called out, اتبعني Not a sheep moved. They know not a voice of a stranger. “Will your flock never follow anybody but you?” inquired the gentleman. The Syrian shepherd replied, “Oh, yes; sometimes a sheep gets sick, and then he will follow any one.”

Followers of false teachers like those who sit in congregations led by the likes of Osteen and White and Hinn and Jakes and Jeffress are there because they’re spiritually ill. They can only be made well by listening to authentic Christian teaching. But given that they are ensconced in a sheepfold of heresy, that becomes less and less likely as time goes by.

Can You Even Find Syria On a Map?

According to a new Gallup poll, there is absolutely no correlation between a person’s ability to locate Syria on a map or globe and whether or not that same person has very strong opinions about American intervention in Syria.

“We found that Americans who thought Syria was a type of hair product or asthma medication had opinions just as strong as those who could successfully point out the Middle Eastern country,” a Gallup representative said Wednesday. “There’s absolutely no link between the two.”

The study revealed that one respondent was strongly in favor of President Trump’s bombing of a Syrian airfield, although he thought Syria was a suburb of Detroit. Another was entirely opposed to the military intervention while simultaneously believing that Syria was a fictional land created by J.K. Rowling, sources confirmed.

A similar poll studying the relationship between holding strong opinions on a foreign dictator and being able to correctly spell the name of the foreign dictator is reportedly underway.

We should have a law that says that before you can have feelings about a thing or place, you have to know what it is and where it is.  That sure would shut up a lot of Limbaugh listening Fox viewing far right loons.

Quote of the Week

“I am coming to put you on trial and I shall be a ready witness against sorcerers, adulterers, perjurers, and against those who oppress the wage-earner, the widow and the orphan, and who rob the foreigner of his rights and do not respect me, says Yahweh Sabaoth. ‘No; I, Yahweh, do not change; and you have not ceased to be children of Jacob! Ever since the days of your ancestors, you have evaded my statutes and not observed them.

Return to me and I will return to you, says Yahweh Sabaoth. You ask, “How are we to return? Can a human being cheat God?” Yet you try to cheat me! You ask, “How do we try to cheat you?” Over tithes and contributions. A curse lies on you because you, this whole nation, try to cheat me. Bring the tithes in full to the treasury, so that there is food in my house; put me to the test now like this, says Yahweh Sabaoth, and see if I do not open the floodgates of heaven for you and pour out an abundant blessing for you.” (Mal. 3:5-10)