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Oh Germans…

Why must you make me love you so?

The Best Bio of Brunner Yet Written

Anhand der Quellen, vor allem von Briefen, Tagebüchern und nicht publizierten Manuskripten, gibt Frank Jehle Einblick in Leben, Werk und Wirken Emil Brunners. Das theologische Werk des Schweizer Theologen steht im Zentrum dieser umfassenden Biographie: Mit «Der Mittler» hatte Brunner die erste ausgebaute Christologie der dialektischen Theologie vorgelegt. Seine Auseinandersetzung mit Karl Barth über die natürliche Theologie ist in die Theologiegeschichte eingegangen. Vor allem aber ragt Brunner als Ethiker hervor: «Das Gebot und die Ordnungen» von 1932 ist ein Meilenstein in der Geschichte der Sozialethik. Bestimmend war auch sein Einfluss auf die Weltkirchenkonferenz in Oxford 1937. Brunner wirkte mehrfach als Gastprofessor in den USA, nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg wagte er den Schritt nach Asien, u.a. nach Japan. – Erstmals dargestellt wird Brunners intensive Beziehung zu Leonhard Ragaz.Die hier vorliegende Biographie ist zugleich ein wichtiger Beitrag zur Theologiegeschichte des 20. Jahrhunderts und zur Geschichte der Schweiz im und nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg.

Read it.  It is the perfect antidote for the Barthian misinformation about Brunner that too many gullible and silly people accept without question.

Brigham Young’s Son Earned his Living as a Drag Queen

Who knew…  Anyway, this is the sort of thing that makes you say ‘well what the devil…’  With thanks to Diarmaid MacCulloch for sharing.

Stingy Giving and Stingy Givers

On Galatians 6:7, while discussing 6:6-10, which says,  “When someone is under instruction in doctrine, he should give his teacher a share in all his possessions.  Don’t delude yourself: God is not to be fooled; whatever someone sows, that is what he will reap.  If his sowing is in the field of self-indulgence, then his harvest from it will be corruption; if his sowing is in the Spirit, then his harvest from the Spirit will be eternal life.  And let us never slacken in doing good; for if we do not give up, we shall have our harvest in due time.  So then, as long as we have the opportunity let all our actions be for the good of everybody, and especially of those who belong to the household of the faith.”  (Gal. 6:6-10)

Calvin writes

The design of this observation is to reply to the dishonest excuses which are frequently pleaded. One alleges that he has a family to support, and another asserts that he has no superfluity of wealth to spend in liberality or profusion. The consequence is, that, while such multitudes withhold their aid, the few persons who do their duty are generally unable to contribute the necessary support. These apologies Paul utterly rejects, for a reason which the world little considers, that this transaction is with God. The supply of a man’s bodily wants is not the sole question, but involves the degree of our regard for Christ and his gospel. This passage contains evidence that the custom of treating faithful ministers with scorn did not originate in the present day; but their wicked taunts will not pass unpunished.

Calvin couldn’t be clearer and neither could Paul: you should support, without being stingy, those who teach you the Word.  People may not like it, and they may not do it, but Scripture is here quite unmistakably clear- it should be done.

Remember that time When Wipf and Stock Republished Brunner’s 3 Volume Dogmatics!

And couldn’t spell the word ‘Doctrine’…  (from SBL 2014).


* Sorry Wipfers, I just can’t control my impulses…

Two Out of Three: Emil Brunner’s Dogmatics Online

brunner83The first two volumes of Emil Brunner’s Christian Dogmatics are online-

Unfortunately volume three isn’t.  But maybe it will be soon.  Or you could just buy the print edition.  It’s very much worth it.

Barth’s Last Word to Brunner

brunner5“Barth’s letter arrived on the morning of 5 April. Vogelsanger cycled to the clinic at Zollikerberg, and informed Brunner that “Karl Barth sends his greetings!” He then read Brunner this letter by his bedside. Brunner smiled, pressed his hand, and shortly afterwards lapsed into an uncon­sciousness from which he never reawakened. He died at noon on Wednesday, 6 April 1966 at the Neumünsterspital at Zollikerberg, near Zurich. His funeral at the Fraumünster in Zurich on 12 April 1966 was led by Vogelsanger. ” – Alister McGrath

Even Hitler…

Showed up to Church when it suited him.  Let the reader understand…

Winged Women

Female first: aerial women in mythology, pop culture, and beyond.  Check it out. Interesting, interesting stuff.

The ‘Wisdom of Solomon’ Sounds Very Modern…

It’s almost like it describes America today-

It is not enough, however, for them to have such misconceptions about God; for, living in the fierce warfare of ignorance, they call these terrible evils peace.  With their child-murdering rites, their occult mysteries, or their frenzied orgies with outlandish customs,  they no longer retain any purity in their lives or their marriages, one treacherously murdering another or wronging him by adultery.  Everywhere a welter of blood and murder, theft and fraud, corruption, treachery, riot, perjury, disturbance of decent people, forgetfulness of favours, pollution of souls, sins against nature, disorder in marriage, adultery and debauchery. (Wis. 14:22-26)

Child murdering rites… orgies… outlandish customs… lack of purity… widespread adultery… corruption… pollution of souls…. debauchery…. and all the rest.  Yup- that’s America.

Quote of the Day

brunner83Autonomous reason …, reason as the final court of appeal, is the real core of sin, the secret heart of the contradiction in the nature of man.  — Emil Brunner

The Death of Albrecht

Albrecht Dürer died on April 6, 1528. Dürer is considered the greatest of the northern European Renaissance artists, having spent the majority of his career in Nuremberg, Germany. Although he never met Martin Luther, he and his work were greatly influenced by the writings of Luther and other reformers. His work, in turn, influenced the next generation of artists including, presumably, Lucas Cranach and his son who were dear friends of Martin and Katie Luther.

The painting is “The Four Apostles”, and depicts John, Peter, Mark, and Paul. It was done by Dürer in 1526 and now hangs in the Alte Pinakothek Museum in Munich.  Rebecca DeGarmeaux

The Great Reformers as You’ve Never Seen Them…

Via our friends in Zurich, at the ‘Reformation Reloaded’ exhibition.

A Video From the Forum Celebrating the Life and Work of Brunner

Watch this.

In Memoriam Emil Brunner

April 6th, 1966 was the day the world lost the greatest theologian it had seen since Calvin:  Emil Brunner.  Brunner’s importance can’t be overstated and neither can his contributions to Christian theological inquiry.

I’ll be posting snippets from his works throughout the day.  In the meanwhile, here’s a slideshow of remembrance:

Preaching at the Fraumunster