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Guess Who’s Going to Hell… That’s Right, Those Who Neglect Strangers and Orphans

“Then he will say to those on his left hand, “Go away from me, with your curse upon you, to the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.  For I was hungry and you never gave me food, I was thirsty and you never gave me anything to drink, I was a stranger and you never made me welcome, lacking clothes and you never clothed me, sick and in prison and you never visited me.”  Then it will be their turn to ask, “Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty, a stranger or lacking clothes, sick or in prison, and did not come to your help?”  Then he will answer, “In truth I tell you, in so far as you neglected to do this to one of the least of these, you neglected to do it to me.” And they will go away to eternal punishment.” (Matt. 25:41-46)

Let those with ears, hear….

Donald the Fragile

In a major breakthrough, scientists working at the White House excitedly confirmed Thursday that they have discovered the most fragile element in the known universe: President Donald Trump’s ego.  Scientists began to suspect the extreme fragility of the substance after observing that the slightest criticism would set Trump into a crazed rampage.  “Even the slightest breeze can shatter his brittle ego into a million pieces, so we don’t really blame him for getting defensive about it,” one of the study researchers told reporters. “If our sense of self-worth were that dependent on others’ opinions, we’d probably protect our pride and ego with as much raging furor.”

According to scientists, Trump was probably born with the condition, and learned to cope with the crippling vulnerability by lashing out at critics who would otherwise topple his confidence. This defense mechanism allowed him to prevent his ego from shattering into a million pieces each and every time even reasonable, level-headed criticism of his actions reached his ears.  “Really, we should feel bad for him. Just remember, you never really know what medical conditions and demons other people are battling on the inside,” the researcher added.

Bless it….

Quote of the Day

People always looking for miracles often surrender themselves to laziness. – John Calvin

Nope- Wrong Again. But Still Better than DaVinci

Did the Fortified Jerusalem of the Middle Bronze Just Vanish, and What Does This Say About King David?

New in Bible and Interpretation

New Carbon-14 tests show that massive Middle Bronze fortifications near the Gihon Spring in Jerusalem shall not be regarded to this period anymore. The archaeological community is in a rage. If the Canaanite fortifications did not exist, how credible would be the biblical account of the United Monarchy?\

It’s a good one. And very fair.

Amos Speaks Today

“They hate the man who teaches justice at the city gate and detest anyone who declares the truth [and] … although you have built houses of dressed stone, you will not live in them; although you have planted pleasant vineyards, you will not drink wine from them: for I know how many your crimes are and how outrageous your sins, you oppressors of the upright, who hold people to ransom and thrust the poor aside at the gates.” (Amos 5:10-12)

#ICYMI- Fun Facts From Church History: The End of Jan Matthys

MatthysWhat’s that you say?  You aren’t familiar with the Radical Reformation’s own leading crackpot loon nutbag weirdo?  You should be, because today is the anniversary of his receiving his just desserts.  Or as the fine folk at Refo500 tweeted a few years back-

5. April 1534: Jan Matthys, „Prophet“ und Führer des münsterschen #Täuferreiches, getötet.

He was nuts.  Happy Jan Matthys Day (or as I prefer to call it- Happy Deliverance From Maniacal Murderous Self-Serving Heretic Day.)

#ICYMI- The Portrait of Zwingli Which Once Adorned Gottfried W. Locher’s Study Now Adorns Mine

First posted on 5 April, 2013-

Thanks to the incredible kindness of Prof. Locher’s son, Dr. Uli Locher (McGill University), I have on my study wall the very portrait of Zwingli which hung on the study wall of his father.  And I couldn’t, I just couldn’t be more honored.

So i have to show it off-  here it is fresh out of the mailer-


And here it is, in its place of honor, on the wall behind my desk, over my right shoulder-


Many, many thanks to Uli for this kindness.  I feel smarter already (and strangely more accountable).

And yes, it’s still among the most important of my material possessions.

So… I’ve Updated My Bibliography…

New Issue of Unio cum Christo

The international journal of reformed theology and life Unio cum Christo has its first issue of 2018 out in public, themed Currents in Reformed Theology. The Table of Contents has already been published online.

Of particular interest…

The Distinctives of “Two Kingdom” Theology / Jim West

To be completely honest, it’s been so long since I wrote it I didn’t even remember doing it…