Biblical Studies Carnival 145 (March 2018)

Wow, BIG news! Jim West (I love that guy) has posted the Carnival.

Reading Acts

Ain’t no carnival like a Jim West carnival, ’cause a Jim West Carnival just don’t stop.   The 145 Biblical Studies Carnival for February 2018 has been posted at  Zwinglius Redivivus.  Head on over and click all the links. Do not miss Jim’s BiblioBlogger Easter Bunny tribute…or maybe you should miss it.

In other blogging news, Brian Small posted an abbreviated Hebrews Highlights on POLUMEROS KAI POLUTROPOS for March.  If you use FlipBoard to read blogs, consider following my Biblical Studies magazine. The Web-based version is good, but FlipBoard is an essential app for your iOS device. I use it on my iPad for news and other special interests (including biblioblogs).

Upcoming Carnivals hosts are:

I have someone for September, but the other 2018 months are still open. I would like to get those…

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