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Biblical Studies Carnival 145 (March 2018)

Originally posted on Reading Acts:
Ain’t no carnival like a Jim West carnival, ’cause a Jim West Carnival just don’t stop.   The 145 Biblical Studies Carnival for February 2018 has been posted at  Zwinglius Redivivus.  Head on over and click all…

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This is Why Decent People Are Protesting Police Actions

The cops shot a Black man in the back because they THOUGHT he had a gun when all he had was a phone… But when it’s a White man… Louisville Man Points Rifle at Cops, They Ask Him to Stand … Continue reading

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More Pastoral Misconduct

Police have arrested a pastor accused of molesting several children across two decades while he was leader of a South Nashville, Tenn., congregation.  Matthew Dennis Patterson, known as Denny, served as pastor of Nolensville Road Baptist Church for more than 20 years. He resigned … Continue reading

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If You Missed the Carnival Yesterday

Read it today.

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Affluenza Boy is out of Jail- After just 720 Days

He killed 4 people, but now he’s out.  He KILLED 4 people.  And he’s out after 2 years.  Had he been Black they would have shot him in the back like a dog. He KILLED 4 people.  That qualifies him … Continue reading

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