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A Blog Announcement

I’m happy to announce the super news that Joel Watts, Chris Tilling, Richard Bauckham, James Dunn, Mike Bird, NT Wright, NT Wrong, James Crossley, David Lincicum, and myself will be entering an agreement to participate together in a group blog! … Continue reading

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Sometimes You Have to Be Willing to Lose Church Members…

Rather than accept false doctrine.  Luther makes this clear when he writes, in reference to some of the opinions of Erasmus and how their rejection may be offensive to some: Many wise people in the church may be offended, yet … Continue reading

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The ‘Church Growth’ Movement Is Heresy

‘Go into all the world and make disciples’. – Jesus The Church is better served by 2 disciples than it is by 200 ‘church members’. And so is the world. That’s why Jesus told us to make disciples, not ‘grow … Continue reading

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Happy Easter!

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The March Madness Edition of the Biblical Studies Carnival

Our 145th Biblical Studies Carnival launches with posts focusing on the Old Testament /Hebrew Bible.   The title of the Carnival, though, has nothing to do with the contents except that the Carnival will be a slam dunk of biblioblogging gloriousness … Continue reading

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