Luther Endorses the Commentary

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have these lines from Luther today regarding my humble efforts*-

Your [Commentary] no one will call [just] a commentary but … an index for reading the Scriptures and recognizing Christ, a thing that thus far none of the commentaries has provided, at least none extant. As to your plea that you are thoroughly dissatisfied with your [Commentary], it is difficult for me to believe you. And yet I do believe that you will not be satisfied with yourself. No one seeks or demands this from you. No, we wish for Paul, too, to keep his own reputation safe, lest anyone ever claim that [Jim] is superior or equal to Paul. It is enough for you to be close to Paul. We begrudge no one if [in another commentary] he is able to come closer still.

You’ll want to get it now, I know!

IMG_8299For many years I worked on the ‘Person in the Pew’ commentary series. It covers the entire Bible and some of the more important Apocryphal works.

Individual books can still be obtained by the usual route but the entire series in pdf can only be acquired directly from me. And the procedure is simple:

1- Drop me an email at telling me you’d like it.
2- Paypal the cost of the volumes (A paltry $75).
3- I will then send them to you without delay.

But do please note, the purchase entitles you to make use of the volumes for your personal use but they may not be shared or given or sold to second parties under any circumstances.  Of course there’s no way to monitor your honesty in this matter, but you’ll know.  And so will God.

Mind you, I’m not a marketer and I know nothing about business or the business of selling things. I’ve never been in biblical studies for the money and I’m not aiming to make a fortune with the complete series in pdf.

But, that said, all the hours put into these volumes are worth something, so I’m selling the lot for $75. That’s authentically inexpensive considering the thousands of pages written. And it’s a good commentary.

* Luther actually said that of Melanchthon’s work, but who am I to quibble with what he would clearly say of mine too? False modesty is, after all, sin.