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The Degradation of Experience

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The NRA Doesn’t Represent You

Signs of the Times

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Zwingli and Hebrew

Zwingli wrote to his friend Rhenanus that he intended

… to resume the study of Hebrew,—which he had begun at Einsiedeln,—and so he had ordered from Basel the Rudiments of Capnio, as he styles him who is better known now as Reuchlin, the famous Humanist. But he had made a similar start in 1519, and this time again he probably did not make much progress, for on March 25, 1522, he writes to Rhenanus: “Tell Pellican that I have begun Hebrew. Ye gods, how distasteful and melancholy a study! But I shall persist until I get something out of it.”

He persisted.  And he was successful.  By 1531, shortly before his death, the Zurich Bible was published.  It contained both Testaments, was a translation into German from Hebrew and Greek, and was the result of Zwingli’s efforts along with the other faculty of the Zurich ‘Prophezei’.