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In Pennsylvania They Want to Counteract Gun Violence… With… Buckets… of Rocks… For the Students to Throw…

Not. The. Onion. One school superintendent has a novel way to keep his students safe from school shooters: arming them with rocks. David Helsel, superintendent of a school district in northeast Pennsylvania, explained his plan to a legislative education committee … Continue reading

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Sad News: James F. Strange Has Died

Per Jack Sasson. Sad news- Dr Strange died this morning.

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Der Film zum Jubiläum von 500 Jahre Reformation in Zürich

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No, And Just Stop It. Just. Stop.

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A Judge Delayed a Pedophile’s Sentencing So Said Pedophile Could Go on Vacation…

Britain needs to remove this ‘Judge’. Kristopher Cook, 24, who had admitted trying to meet a child for sex, said he could not make the original date due to a family break in the Lakes.  Judge Amanda Rippon moved sentencing … Continue reading

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Essays in Novum Testamentum Available Free

To celebrate the 60th Volume of Novum Testamentum, selected articles will be available for free downloading during 2018. The first 6 articles, one from every decade, are now freely accessible until 16 May — http://www2.brill.com/Free_articles_from_Novum_Testamentum

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America’s Chief Problem: It’s Really Two Countries

America is two countries. One a socialist state where the government is responsible for public good, and the other a fascist state where the government is responsible for only war and law. The problem is that these two countries are … Continue reading

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