This Made Me Laugh

And I’m not even sorry-

You Are The Jewel Of My Collection,’ Says Saudi Prince While Guiding Frightened Jared Kushner Toward Harem

We’ve All Been There, Moses…

As the Israelites complained about having to eat manna…

Moses heard the people weeping, each family at the door of its tent. Yahweh’s anger was greatly aroused; Moses too found it disgraceful,  and he said to Yahweh: ‘Why do you treat your servant so badly? In what respect have I failed to win your favour, for you to lay the burden of all these people on me?  Was it I who conceived all these people, was I their father, for you to say to me, “Carry them in your arms, like a foster-father carrying an unweaned child, to the country which I swore to give their fathers”?  Where am I to find meat to give all these people, pestering me with their tears and saying, “Give us meat to eat”?  I cannot carry all these people on my own; the weight is too much for me.  If this is how you mean to treat me, please kill me outright! If only I could win your favour and be spared the sight of my misery!’ (Num. 11:10-15)

Another Volume Announced

The Bible Among Scriptures and Other Essays​, by Heikki Räisänen.  Regular Price: $224.00 / Special Offer Price: $180.00.  Publisher: Mohr Siebeck.  Series: Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament, 392​

Description: – The essays by Heikki Räisänen (1941-2015) collected in this volume deal with a broad array of topics, ranging from early Christian identities to bibliodrama and other modern-day approaches to the scriptures. The exegetical studies in the first part explore issues related to early Christian eschatology, virginal conception, and Paul’s complex argumentation about the Jews and their salvation in Romans 9-11. The essays on ancient and modern interpretations of the Bible in the second part pay special attention to ethical issues, address the “dark sides” of its reception, and discuss the biblical interpretations of Marcion and Joseph Smith. The third section comprises studies on the Bible and Qur’an, while the concluding chapter provides a comprehensive description of the Bible as scripture from a comparative perspective.​  For more information, please click here.

A New Volume from Mohr Siebeck

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Memory and Memories in Early ChristianityProceedings of the International Conference held at the Universities of Geneva and Lausanne (June 2-3, 2016). Ed. by Simon Butticaz and Enrico Norelli

The present volume brings together talks given at an international conference held at the Universities of Lausanne and Geneva. Strongly interdisciplinary, the authors explore a fresh problem in the study of the origins of Christianity and of the New Testament, namely the social relevance of remembering in Early Christianity and its role in the discourses and practices of the first believers.

Mark Anthony Conditt Was a Terrorist, not a ‘Challenged’ Young Man…

There’s no question that were he brown, Conditt would simply be called a terrorist by the media and the White House.  But he’s white, so he’s called a challenged young man, because the media and the government have an agenda and it’s to portray white kids as mentally disturbed and brown kids as terrorists.

But Conditt is a terrorist.  He was a serial killer who used terror to torment an entire city and who blew himself up just like a suicide bomber.

Conditt is a terrorist.  If you can’t force yourself to utter those words whilst using them freely of every non-white who ever picks up a gun or a bomb, you are a racist.  Period.