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Early Textual Transmission of the Gospel of John

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I’m pleased to learn of the publication of an important study of the earliest extant evidence for the textual transmission of the Gospel of John:  Lonnie D. Bell, The Early Textual Transmission of John:  Stability and Fluidity in its Second and Third Century Greek Manuscripts (Leiden:  Brill 2018).  The publisher’s online catalog entry is here.

We have more early manuscript evidence for the Gospel of John than any other NT writing, including remnants of manuscripts dated to the third century, and in some cases the second century.  I’ve referred to Bell’s study in earlier postings, e.g., here.  Using an innovative approach that allowed him to measure the extent and nature of textual variation among the earliest witnesses to GJohn, Bell demonstrates that they exhibit an impressive stability in the transmission of this text.

Indeed, in another innovative step, Bell also compares the extent and nature of textual variation…

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Quote of the Day

zwingli834…  Since the universe must come from something else, we are brought, whether we will or no, to the one and only source of all things [i.e., God, our Creator], from which everything runs forth as if from the starting place of a race course.– Huldrych Zwingli

The Dishonesty of American Evangelicalism

The failure of white evangelicals to speak out against Trump’s perversity proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that these people don’t hold faith honestly.

The Austin Bomber is a ‘Christian’ Terrorist

He might have called himself a Christian but he and his kind are not.  Nonetheless, since he’s a person who calls himself a Christian, he should be called a Christian Terrorist just as if he were a Muslim he would be called a Muslim Terrorist.  What’s good for one is good for the other.

Are You Testing Me, Satan?

Second Temple Early Career Academy (STECA)

A new undertaking that will interest many.  I’m adding it to the blogroll.  You’ll want to check it out.  Here’s what it’s about:

STECA is an international network for doctoral students and early career researchers, run by a Steering Committee, and currently based at the University of Birmingham. Our aim is to create a virtual common room to support early career researchers wherever they are based. STECA is dedicated to support and nurture a new generation of researchers in a challenging Higher Education and external environment, both in the UK and internationally.


Es ist nicht nur kalendarischer Frühlingsanfang; das Datum erinnert uns daran, dass 2017 auch Hoffnung auf einen ökumenischen Frühling besteht: Bruder Klaus und Ulrich Zwingli begegnen sich zum ersten Mal – an Niklaus‘ Geburtstag, denn dieser feiert gleich das ganze Jahr seinen 600.

Etc.  Do read it.


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No, The 2017 Edition of the Luther Bible is NOT Racist

Good grief

Die feministische Theologin Eske Wollrad (Hannover), hat den Übersetzern der revidierten Lutherbibel 2017 Rassismus vorgeworfen, weil in Jeremia 13,23 der Begriff “Mohr” benutzt wird. Hier wird mit zu großem Besteck hantiert, findet Thies Gundlach in seinem Gastkommentar. Gundlach ist einer der drei theologischen Vizepräsidenten des Kirchenamts der EKD. Er leitet dort das Referat “Theologische Grundsatzfragen”

Ridiculous.  This is simply political correctness gone mad.

Fun Facts From Church History: I’d Rather Be Burnt Alive Than be A Roman Catholic

March 21, 1556, Thomas Cranmer is burnt at the stake in Oxford. Rather than recant at his public execution, Cranmer reaffirmed his belief that the Pope was the antichrist, and refused to return to the Catholic Church.



Happy ‘I’d Rather Be Burnt Alive Than Be A Roman Catholic’ Day!

The De-Christianization of Europe, and America Is Next

These telling statistics from The Guardian:

“Europe’s march towards a post-Christian society has been starkly illustrated by research showing a majority of young people in a dozen countries do not follow a religion. The survey of 16- to 29-year-olds found the Czech Republic is the least religious country in Europe, with 91% of that age group saying they have no religious affiliation. Between 70% and 80% of young adults in Estonia, Sweden and the Netherlands also categorise themselves as non-religious. The most religious country is Poland, where 17% of young adults define themselves as non-religious, followed by Lithuania with 25%.”

America is next up for De-Christianization.  If you doubt it, just show up at any Church on a Sunday evening or Wednesday evening (if the churches in your area even bother with such services) and take note of the lack of participation.

For many Christians, their Christianity simply doesn’t matter.  Not only do most have no time for worship or study, they also have even less time for evangelism and ministry.  It is, therefore, frankly, no surprise at all that America, like Europe, has fewer and fewer Christians.  And the downward trend shows no sign of turning around.  And, again, if you don’t believe it, just show up at any church anywhere that has an Evening service.


Divine Permission: Or, Why Do We Do Things God Doesn’t Wish Us To Do?

“Permission is an act of governing Providence, by which God does not employ hinderances which no finite agent can overcome, or knows how to overcome, to restrain rational creatures, inclining themselves of their own accord to sin, from an evil forbidden by the law, but, for just reasons, permits them to rush into sins, Ps. 81:12; Acts 14:16; Rom. 1:24, 28.” – Quenstedt.