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Congress Cares More About Dogs than Kids

I concur with Christian.  Congress is beyond indecent.

Katy Perry, Coercion, and the Biased Silence of Feminism

Hey, why aren’t feminists outraged that Katy Perry used her power on American Idol to coerce a kiss from an unwilling male contestant? Is #MeToo only interested in victimized women and not victimized men?

When your outrage is selective, it’s evil and self serving.

Students Learn More With Printed Books Than e-Books

Here’s the report.

It’s not ‘Foward’ it’s ‘Forward’

Stop dropping the first ‘r’, people.  It’s annoying beyond words.

Another ‘Arming Teachers is a Terrible Idea’ Morality Tale

Police say a teacher in California accidentally fired his gun in a classroom, injuring three students.  It happened Tuesday at Seaside High School as Dennis Alexander was teaching a gun safety lesson for his administration of justice class.  Police say Alexander, who also serves as a reserve police officer, was pointing the gun at the ceiling to make sure it was not loaded when the weapon discharged.

Three students were injured by debris, including a 17-year-old whose father told KSBW-TV his son sustained moderate injuries when bullet fragments lodged in his neck.  Alexander was placed on administrative leave from his teaching job and he was also placed on administrative leave at the Sand City Police Department.

Arming teachers?  Worst idea ever.

Quote of the Day: Stephen Hawking

My advice to other disabled people would be, concentrate on things your disability doesn’t prevent you doing well, and don’t regret the things it interferes with. Don’t be disabled in spirit as well as physically – Stephen Hawking

That’s good advice for all of us.

Fun Facts From Church History: Calvin’s Return to Geneva

On 14 March, 1542, Calvin wrote to Myconius

“I value the public peace and concord so highly, that I lay restraint upon myself; and this praise even the adversaries are compelled to award to me.  This feeling prevails to such an extent, that, from day to day, those who were once open enemies have become friends; others I conciliate by courtesy, and I feel that I have been in some measure successful, although not everywhere and on all occasions.

“On my arrival it was in my power to have disconcerted our enemies most triumphantly, entering with full sail among the whole of that tribe who had done the mischief. I have abstained; if I had liked, I could daily, not merely with impunity, but with the approval of very many, have used sharp reproof. I forbear; even with the most scrupulous care do I avoid everything of the kind, lest even by some slight word I should appear to persecute any individual, much less all of them at once. May the Lord confirm me in this disposition of mind.”

Things didn’t stay friendly.  Do they ever?

This Report Totally Misrepresents Taylor’s Book…

And the dim nuggets can’t even spell ‘Christ’….

Come on, journalists, get stuff right.  You aren’t even trying, as Taylor doesn’t say what you claim.  Read the book!