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Neef, Heinz-Dieter Arbeitsbuch Biblisch-AramäischMaterialien, Beispiele und Übungen zum Biblisch-Aramäisch

[A Guide to Biblical Aramaic. Materials, Examples and Exercises in Biblical Aramaic. 3 rd revised and expanded edition. Published in German.]

This guide is an introduction to the biblical Aramaic language. It contains materials, examples and exercises as well as paradigm tables, a vocabulary list, the answers to the exercises, a subject index and an index of biblical passages. It can also be used for autodidactic studies.

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Die Rede von Jesus Christus als Glaubensaussage Die Rede von Jesus Christus als Glaubensaussage

Herausgegeben von Jens Herzer, Anne Käfer und Jörg Frey unter Mitarbeit von Nicole Oesterreich

[The Speech of Jesus as Creed. The Second Article of the Apostles’ Creed Discussed Between Biblical Studies and Dogmatics. Published in German.]

The volume presents an interpretation of the Christological article in the Apostles’ Creed as a dialogue between biblical studies and systematic theology. It provides historical, biblical, and systematic perspectives on all statements about Jesus Christ in the creed.