Another Note on the Upcoming Carnival

Lady people- I’d be grateful if you would let me know if you see a biblical studies related post or news report or essay by a lady person.  I’m running the carnival for the month and since March is the month of women, I’d really like to include as many posts by women as I can.   And your help is indispensable because, as you know, I don’t know any women.   Except you lot…

February 2018 Biblical Studies Carnival

This month’s carnival. Good job, kiddo.

Pursuing Veritas

Welcome to the February 2018 Biblical Studies Carnival!

This 144th Biblical Studies Carnival marks the twelve year anniversary of these events. I’m honored to be facilitating today’s overview of the very best that the Biblioblogging world has to offer.

Over the next several months, these fine people will be hosting the carnival:

If you’re interested in signing up to host a future Biblical Studies Carnival (or just want to have a conversation with a truly pleasant person), contact Phil Long (email, @plong42). Hosts are needed for June, July, August, October, November, and December. Speaking of Phil, I want to thank him for continuing to coordinate these carnivals, and for allowing younger scholars such as myself the opportunity to host.

In lieu…

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Dan Johnson Jumped off a Bridge Because He Was Under Investigation for Molesting Minors…

So his ‘church’ needs a new ‘pastor’, in case you want to send along your resume to them. Here he is with his ‘congregation’ before he threw himself off the bridge. The taller guy in the middle that the camera keeps centering on. Oh, and the ‘Church’ had drunken sex parties… so that tells you all you need to know and the gun lust shows you their real lord. (With thanks to Justin for the heads up).

Barth is the Abstract Art of Theology

barth_valentineAnd like abstract art, no one understands what he’s talking about.  Not even he himself.  But in order to pretend a superior insight, his viewers will declare that they do.  Take this dribble of meaninglessness-

A fully restrained and fully alive doctrine of God’s attributes will take as its fundamental point of departure the truth that God is for us fully revealed and fully concealed in His self-disclosure. We cannot say partly revealed and partly concealed, but we must actually say wholly revealed and wholly concealed at one and the same time. (Church Dogmatics: The Doctrine of God, Part 1 (vol. 2, 341.)

Go ahead, explain that in language that makes sense to any sensible person.  Nay, it cannot be done because it is meaningless, like so much in Barth.  And, again, rather than admit its meaninglessness, the Barthians prefer to act as if it actually made sense, thereby striving to rescue their hero from what is obvious to everyone else: the emperor has no clothes.

Mind you, Barth could be brilliant.  It’s just that most of the time he wasn’t.  He was just obtuse and convoluted, like abstract art.  And, like abstract art, ultimately meaningless and pointless.


My favorite library- the library at Einsiedeln, Switzerland-

A few pictures from my personal library –

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Davenant Residential Summer Courses

The Davenant Latin Institute is gearing up for this year’s Residential Summer Courses. These are designed with the needs of seminarians, graduate students, and teachers in mind, offering a chance to rapidly build your language skills during the summer break, so that you can maintain and develop them further during the following academic year with relatively minimal effort.


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