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Moonies… Loonies: The Cult that Blessed Semi-Automatic Weapons

This is the sort of insanity that comes out when belief is untethered to a proper reading of Scripture and doctrine is abandoned for ‘feelings’.  Bloody heretics. Moonies aren’t Christians.  Their assemblies aren’t Churches.  And their beliefs aren’t sane.

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In Other Words The Catholic Church Cares More About its Pedophile Priests Than it Does the Victims, Still…

This is shameful.

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A Teacher in Georgia With a Gun At School has Been Arrested, For Discharging It

To those who think arming teachers is sensible… if you do, expect a LOT more of this. A teacher at Dalton High School in Dalton, Georgia is in custody after police say shots were fired on Wednesday morning. No students … Continue reading

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If You’re Pro Life, Be Pro Life. But If You’re Simply Against Abortion, You Aren’t Pro Life

If you oppose abortion, how dare you support free and easy access to guns, failure to provide basic health care, rejection of immigrants, and the war-complex?   Do you not see the irrationality of your position?  Do you not sense the … Continue reading

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Biblical Canon Lists: A New Book

Originally posted on Larry Hurtado's Blog:
There is a recently-published valuable resource for study of the formation of the Christian biblical canons:  Edmon L. Gallagher and John D. Meade, The Biblical Canon Lists from Early Christianity:  Texts and Analysis (Oxford University…

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Book Giveaway of The Biblical Canon Lists

Originally posted on LXX Studies:
Over on the ETC Blog, Peter Gurry has set up a raffle for a chance to win a free copy of my and Ed Gallagher’s The Biblical Canon Lists from Early Christianity: Texts and Analysis. Click…

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The Chamber Pots of the Martyred Virgins

Always instructive, the things that Luther and his friends discussed in casual conversation cover everything one can imagine.  Including even the chamber pots treated as relics by the papists.* On the last day of February Luther spoke of the mildness … Continue reading

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Die Bibel: Lutherübersetzung 2017

This lovely little handbook edition of the 2017 translation of the Bible in German and published by the German Bible Society arrived from the nice folk at Hendrickson.  They’d like my take on it,  so here it is. The present translation … Continue reading

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A Sampling of the New Translation of the Old Testament by John Goldingay

Here’s his rendition of Genesis 3:1ff And Joshua 2- And Job 1- Each book has an introduction as does the volume as a whole.  With many thanks to Prof. Goldingay for sharing.  Reading the bits I have has been thoroughly … Continue reading

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